1st Contest: On the Prowl

Hello, Cardsmiths, one and all. This is my 1st contest here on MTG Cardsmith. In honor of my 1st contest, it will be all about the thing I like the most and that is CATS. But first a little back story. I first got into MTG by my friend @sorinjace he made me an Orzhov life gain/loss deck. I improved it to where I was able to beat my friend multiple times. Then I told him I needed another deck. So he pointed me to the pre made Commander decks. I immediately gravitated to the Feline Ferocity deck just because of CATS. I bought that and it is my strongest deck to date.

Now the contest: Create Cat cards.
This contest is going to be different. It will be a 3 in 1 contest. Contest A: Regular cat cards. Contest B: New Kitty Planeswalker cards. Contest C: Unglued Paws of furry. To the rules. Awayyy!

#1: Maximum hand size of 7 cards. Five of those can be creatures, sorceries, instants, or enchantments any normal card type but a kitty must be present on the card. One card must be a new cat planeswalker (PLEASE try to go beyond WIndgrace and Ajani but both are legal in this contest.) And last a funny cat carf(sorry hairball). Nobody has to do this but it would be cool to see a full color wheel of kitty-cats.

#2: No MTG artwork. It must be new artwork.

#3: make those cards balanced. The serious cards should be serious, but funny flavor text is fine.

#4: the planeswalker card should be within reason.

#5: for Unglued go nuts. The crazier the better. Make Me Laugh.

#6: Please mark which card is for which contest. Serious is Contest A. PW is Contest B and Unglued is Contest C

#7: have fun.

Now for the prizes (all winners will get a follow from me if they are not already)
Normal card winners
1st gets 5 faves from me + 1 of their choice.
2nd gets 3 faves + 1 choice
3rd gets 1 fav + 1 choice

Planeswalker winners
1st gets 3 faves from me + 1 of their choice.
2nd gets 2 faves + 1 choice
3rd gets 1 fav + 1 choice

Unglued winners
1st gets 1 faves from me + 3 of their choice.
2nd gets 1 faves + 2 choice
3rd gets 1 fav + 1 choice

Each contest will have a honorable mention.

If any Smith(s) gets chosen and appears in the top 4 of each contest that Smith(s) will get a month premium membership from me. I WILL give every card and every smith the chance. Do not rule out the possibility of that happening.

The end date of this contest is Pi day at 1:59pm http://www.piday.org/

Happy Smithing until then.

Here are some examples that I made: Contest A

For Contest B:

For Contest C: (this may not seem to much like a funny card, but some funny cards a a bit serious, too.)



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