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Masters 25 Prediction and Preview Thread

Today, we got the first previews of the upcoming masters 25 set. Last time we had an (important) masters set, I made a prediction and preview thread, and I was pretty close. Before I get into this new set, let's see how I did last time.

Prediction number one: MM2017 Will be a 3 Color Draft Format.
I was correct in this one. We saw an allied-color pair focused 3 color set, featuring Bant Tokens, Esper Blink/control, Grixis Graveyard, Jund Sacrifice, and Naya Beatdown.

Prediction number Two: MM2017 Will have mostly valuable uncommons.
I was also fairly correct with this one. While we didn't get as many valuable uncommons as I would have hoped, we still saw Path to Exile, Inquizition of Kozilek, Might of Old Krosa, Serum Visions, Lingering Souls, Molten Rain, Ancient Grudge, Intangiable Virtue, Unburial Rites, the Signets, and Terminate.

Prediction number Three: MM2017 have the RTR shocklands as uncommons.
Nope. They printed the Fetchlands at Rare instead. To be fair, I was almost entirely sure that they wouldn't do either of these things, so I guess we should just be happy!

So now, without further ado, the first Masters 25 previews and my predictions!

So, we saw Jace, The Mind Sculptor, Azusa, Lost but Seeking, and an artifact creature with new art. How the heck can I make set predictions out of this. Well, I think we have a few clues just from the context of the cards we saw. For my prodictions, I will be using information that I have seen from the mothership and/or blogatog, but I won't necessarily be able to post links to the original posts. So without further ado, my predictions!

Prediction #1: Masters 25 will contain cards from every block expansion set, and maybe even some of the core sets that printed new cards
In the post, wotc states that: Note the really cool watermark in Azusa's text box representing the original printing. Nearly every card in Masters 25 will have this treatment, even cards originally printed in Limited Edition (Alpha), Beta, and Unlimited! I think this means we will see cards from every Magic set. I don't know if we will see cards originating in the commander and planechase products, but that wouldn't surprise me.

Prediction #2: Masters 25 will not have a specific focus for reprints, and will rather contain cards for players of every format.
The previous Masters sets have all had a specific focus for what kind of cards they were reprinting. Modern Masters was about modern, Eternal Masters was all for Legacy and Vintage, and Iconic Masters was for Commander, Pauper, and (to a minor extent) cube! Jace, The Mind Sculptor and Azusa don't usually see too much play in the same formats, so I have a feeling this set will be for everyone instead of just a few people.

Prediction #3: Masters 25 will contain an Artifact theme of some sorts.
Much like my "Stoic Angel means 3-color" prediction from last time, I think a metal guy means artifact theme. The powerful artifacts of old did not make an appearance in Eternal Masters, so I think this would be a perfect place to see them. Imagine a union between the cool artifacts of the Urza block, fighting along side the Etherium-Masters of Esper, the Inventors of Kaladesh, and the Myr of Mirrodin. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Prediction #4: Masters 25 will contain cards that are Actually Iconic
Iconic Masters was all about the Iconic Creature Types of the magic color pie (Angel, Sphynx, Demon, Dragon, Hydra). Masters 25 will be about the cards that are Icons of Magic, like Lightning Bolt, Jace, and Force of Will (maybe).

Prediction #5: Masters 25 will contain some pauper staples!
Who cares about all of those other formats and rarities, in this day and age, people only wanna use commons! Let's get those Qurion Rangers reprinted, maybe some of the Mirrodin Artifact Lands, and even some Mulldrifters if WOTC feels especially frisky. Wouldn't that be nice? That said, ever Masters set contains at least a few commons that end up seeing play in Pauper, so I guess I will give you 1 final extra prediction (or, in actuallity, wishful thought) for this set.

Wishful Thought: Masters 25 will contain Fanatic of Xenagos!
This Boi is probably the best uncommon from BNG IMO. I don't think wotc will do this since their current reprint policy in masters sets requires them to have 3 cards with a mechanic for it to see print in the set, but I think that would be really hard to do in a set containing cards from every set. Maybe, come March 16th, we will see these bois staring us down in our masters 25 packs.

What do you think about this set? Do you have any predictions about Masters 25? Share your thoughts below!



  • Tribute is a fantastic mechanic.
  • @Faiths_Guide I agree! I feel Wotc's execution on it sucked, however. I think the problem with tribute in this set would be twofold.

    1: While tribute is a cool mechanic, most of the individual tribute cards are borderline at best. This is the only tribute card that could be considered good, at least from a competitive standpoint.

    2: The only cards with tribute are in Born of the Gods. This is an issue if WOTC wants to fit in cards from every set because they can only fit 2-4 cards from a set into A25. That would mean all of the BNG slots would be "wasted" on tribute cards, ignoring some of the actually impactful stuff like Bile Blight and (maybe) Xenegos, God of Revels.
  • AZUSA YESSSSSSSSSSSSS... maybe I’ll finally get her... but wait the packs are like 25$ right? Never mind, I’ll never afford that
  • I loooooooooooooove how this looks... but full previews don't start till the 26th
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21 I think Azusa is a case of high demand, low supply. Lots of people want Azusas, but there just are not many out there. Take a look at Zur The Enchanter's price graph.
    Zur lost about %85 of his value after he got reprinted in MM2017.
    Once the supply meets the demand, which appears to be mostly driven by commander like Zur's, I think Azusa will be about 5-10 dollars like she was back in 2012.
  • I hope this isn't like Modern Masters 2015 where they showed all the cool stuff early, and then it sort of sunk in as... oh.
  • @KrampisZman I'm praying the price will drop like a rock! I need one for my uber-Timmy deck. Also, how much are the packs? I want to be able to buy one to get my chance at a Jace, a Phyrexian Obliterator (newly spoiled!) or an Azusa.
  • @Tezzeretofcarmot21 10 bucks a pack. Buy the singles you need!
  • Also, here is the Obliterator @TezzeretofCarmot21 was talking about.
    Note that the watermark is the New Phyrexia Set Symbol and not the Phyrexian faction watermark.
  • That’s a weird new phyrexia symbol. It’s more clean cut, as opposed to looking like it was scratched into stone.
  • I second @Lujikul on that. There's something too regular and smooth about it.
  • @Lujikul @KalamMekhar

    The New Phyrexia set symbol was just like that. He even made a point that it wasn't the faction symbol, which you are talking about.
  • edited February 3
    @Lujikul @KalamMekhar As I and @NokiSkaur have pointed out, that is the New Phyrexia set symbol, not the Phyrexian Faction watermark.

    I think we might see Gray Merchant of Asphodel in this set based off of the presence of Obliterator. What do you think?
  • The (possible) return of Gary? Hooray!!!
  • @NokiSkaur Theros was one of my first Magic sets after coming/returning to the game. I have fond memories of it and the rest of its block. Devotion coming back would be sweet IMO.
  • I started collecting during Return to Ravnica, and my favourite block has probably been Theros. Gary was always one of my favourite commons.
  • If Grey Merchant makes an appearance, then it’s gonna be a strange draft set in my opinion, especially if the “four cards from each set” idea was true, because it would make a reasonable draft difficult, and would be very wonky with the rares/mythic.

    Also, not noticing that it was the set symbol, not the watermark, is my mistake.
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