Your Magic Origin

How and when did you get into Magic? What was your first deck? Which prerelease was your first? We want to know!


  • My uncle taught me Magic with a red deck when I was. I got Mana screwed and lost. After that, I got another red deck from my other uncle, which eventually had some black added in. When I moved to New Mexico, I bought the Devour for Power Commander Precon from the El Paso PX. That was really lucky...

    Then, when I was twelve, I went to the M15 Prerelease with a chrome deck that eventually became Glint-Eye. Eventually, I went to the Eldritch Moon Prerelease where I played Esper Zombies, the Hour of Devastation Prerelease with Temur Spells, the Ixalan Prerelease with Dimir pirates splashing red for Captivating Crew, and the Rivals Prerelease with Mardu Vampirates.

    Currently, I play a lot of kitchen-table Magic, including EDH, and a little bit of Modern with two specific people.
  • A friend taught me how to play at lunch 4 years ago. I got my first decks a year after that, and my collection has been steadily growing ever since. My first deck was the mono-white soldier deck from Elspeth vs. Kiora. Last year, my friends and I started playing EDH. We each got one of the 2017 pre-cons, and I picked cats. I retooled it into an equipment voltron deck. I didn't start going to prereleases until Ixalan, as I've never been very good at draft. I play EDH almost exclusively.
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    I first got into it when I asked my friend @sorinjace about the game he asked me a few questions and he said that a black & white life loss/gain deck would be best for me.

    My first deck I got myself was feline ferocity. I since modified that deck and it is my strongest deck and it still can be improved. This deck plus a 5 color tribal deck ate my top 2 decks.

    My first pre-release was Ixalan
    I'm 100% edh.
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    I might as well post mine...
    I got started between Amonkhet/Hour of Dev with a box of Magic Origins my school friend bought. I played a few crappy decks first before I made an incredible deck that could kill your opponent turn 4 from 2 packs of Amonkhet and a Dread Wanderer my friend traded me. After that, at summer camp, I learned about competitive Magic.
    My first prerelease was HoD. I went 1-2-1 and got really into Magic. The Ixalan spoilers hooked me in, and I loved the game from then on.
    After that, I went to the Ixalan prerelease and went 4-0 with a r/b Pirate aggro deck. After that, I pulled Admiral Beckett Brass and made a killer Pirate EDH deck that I have continued to fine tune.
    I play Standard (HazoRed/Attuneless Energy), EDH (Arahbo Cats), casual EDH (Pirates), casual Standard (Pirates), casual EDH Standard (an in-joke), a bit of Canlander, Ixalan block constructed (Pirates), and a bit of Pauper/Modern (I have a Glistener Elf build that can be used for both).
    EDIT: My happiest moment was cracking a Chandra, Torch of Defiance in a birthday Ixalan Deck Builder's Toolkit. I still need to sell/trade it.
  • Started with the Izzet vs. Golgari duel deck, which I soon found out was an exceptionally poor choice for a beginner. I still have both decks intact, and I play them often. Such good art.
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    I started with the M10 Presence of Mind intro pack, bought for me by my brother, who sued the Death's Minions, one, and knew instantly that I liked using black, though I wasn't good at all about using my instants and blue spells effectively. Fast forward eight years and I'm playing plenty of modern, standard, and casual, though I've never been to a prerelease.
  • My big brother and his friend were in a Pokemon tournament a long time ago, and some MTG spectacle was happening in the same place at the same time. They got interested and checked it. Some of the staff gave them two decks to play with because they didn't have any of their own. When they played there for a while, the staff said that they can keep the decks!

    Well, my big brother returned home with those two decks and wanted to play with me. They were some starter decks with common cards only, 2/2 bears and 1/1 flying hawks. I never liked to play with Pokemon cards, but man, I got hooked on MTG!

    When I got my first, proper deck, it was a black-red deck from Alara Reborn. It had this foiled Deathbringer Thoctar in front of it and I liked it a lot. I played with my brother and his friends a lots of times, then I started to gather fat packs.

    First fat pack ever was Dark Ascension, and first planeswalkers ever were Sorin, Lord of Innistrad and Tibalt from the duel decks. Innistrad slowly became my favorite plane, and when Shadows Over Innistrad came out, I had to buy more cards for my many various decks!
  • I started off as a Duel Masters player (it was, and to my knowledge still is, the only Wizards product to have been officially sold in India). A bunch of my friends in school taught me how to play it, and when I joined college I spread the DM craze over there too. Later, while browsing the internet, I saw a comment on some forum about how DM is "Magic for kiddos & beginners". Intrigued (and mildly offended :/), I researched about this 'Magic' thing, going through the basics of gameplay. I immediately had a feeling that this game would be great, and convinced my dad to buy two deckbuilder's toolkits (Origins and Shadows over Innistrad) on one of his US trips (this was around the time Eldritch Moon was about to release). I gifted the Origins one to my friend and DM partner for his birthday, and kept the SOI one for myself. When I ripped open the BFZ booster pack in my SOI toolkit and pulled an Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger, I instantly fell in love. It's a 10/10! It's indestructible! It exiled stuff! It decimates the opponent's library! It slices, it dices! Yes it costs 10 mana, but who cares? Building a shell for him, Ulamog would go on to nearly lose me a few friends. My other big pull from the box was a Jace, Unraveler of Secrets, which is what drew me to control strategies. Over several games, I became the control guy (I am still the control guy), the Origins dude became the burn guy, and another friend became the big mana RG ramp guy. My first proper deck was the Jace deck (Duel Deck: Jace vs Vraska). It would be a while until I visited a games store (there are none here), but once I did, I started to play in FNMs and stuff, starting with triple-Amonkhet. My first prerelease was Hour of Devastation (built Naya Aggro).
  • I was introduced to MTG by randomly walking through a Walgreens. My parents were buying something, and I was aimlessly wandering through the store. I play D&D, and new what WotC was. I also played the Pokemon TCG (well, I really just collected the cards), and thought that TCGs were cool. Then I saw a non-Pokemon pack of cards and looked at it, and on it was a awesome looking warrior (Garruk). I then saw the "Wizards of the Coast" logo and flipped out.
    "WHAT?" I thought. "The folks behind D&D made a TCG?"
    I immediately told my Dad about it. At the time, I thought it was brand new. Anyway, the next day I bought Duels Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora with my pocket money. I read the rules reference card, and then thought I knew how to play. Being an only child, I often play by myself and dueled the decks in what I call "Tigersol rules." Soon I purchased Magic Origins started decks (the RB and RU ones) and fell in love with "Tigersol rules." The only things I really remember was that you had to sacrifice lands for mana, players went on the same turns, and that Mantle of Webs
    ( was insane and broke the game. I then skipped playing for a while and started to play some other game (think it was Dice Masters). Then one day I looked through my collection and saw Explosive Vegetation (
    "Huh," I said. "That's weird. You sacrifice four lands to get three? I must be playing wrong."
    So I went and googled how to play and my mind blew up with all the things I was doing wrong. I still didn't get it and asked my friend how the play. I brought over two decks, and he taught me. I somehow (after just learning the rules) went 2-0 against him. Thinking I was an expert I went and spam bought SOI block. Then I went to Middle School and met two twins that play MTG. They were about as clueless as I was, but we seemed to push each other up.
    "Hey, did you know MTG has a website."
    "Did you know that you can see all the spoilers for Kaladesh?"
    "Did you know there's a thing called a prerelease?"
    I lost terribly at the Kaladesh prerelease, but I didn't let it get to me. The trio of us started pushing ourselves up (competing on who could find more knowledge of the game first). Soon I began surpassing my elementary school friends and got into Standard (playing Esper Control). I finished 6th place at Game Day. As of now, I am known as the janky tribal (Walls, servos, slivers) person and the cube person. The first test of my cube will be next weekend.
  • In fifth grade, my friend introduced me to magic and gave me 100 decent nonland cards and 30 basic lands. Magic suddenly became the #1 game in our class and during free time, our teacher would let us play. I constructed a pretty good deck for a beginner and a lot of people didn’t want to play me. I ended up getting second place in my school which was a great achievement for me. My best deck is a ub treasure control now.
  • A cousin had bought a few "draft trash" lots on Ebay and we'd taught ourselves to play with inherently simple cards and the WoTC MTG learn to play videos on YouTube. When Theros came out, I bought a box and have enjoyed the game casually since.
  • I started magic when I was in fifth grade, so like 5-6 years ago. A semi-close friend of mine was playing it a intramural event called little Olympics, and I decided I wanted to learn to play.
    So then I learned on my own when I got some for my birth day that year. From there I got my brother and one of my best friends into it about a month later when we played with some more experienced players.
    My first deck was the Gruul deck from Gatecrash, and my first mythic was the first booster pack from the intro and it was Aurealia.
    My first prerelease was Fates Reforged and I have gone to every one since.
  • A couple of friends and I were deep into role playing, and we found a group of local guys that beta tested the RPG we were playing at the time. These guys had their own software company and all they did for a living was play games and write code for games.

    One day we were over at their house and a guy walked in with Magic cards. We were hooked right away. The three of us went out to the local comic shop and bought a case of The Dark - It was the newest Magic set. I remember loving the art, but being disappointed that it had far fewer cards in a pack of The Dark cards (8), than the Revised packs (15).

    Back then Prodigal Sorcerer was the destroyer of men, control/burn was my favorite playing style and you could buy a Mox for $60... and yes... We called it Magic: The Addiction!
  • My Dad taught me and my brother the deck I used was one he made and it was Red and Green. it was pretty good but I'm starting to try and get back into it with the Black and Green deck I have rn (I'm kinda a fan of using undead if you have seen my skeleton cards).
  • @Monokuma15 if you are into the undead, more specifically raising the dead, might advise you to Karador, the Ghost Chieftan my personal favorite commander.
  • When I was 8 I went to NYCC Comic-Con and as a huge D&D fan I went to their booth. It was there that I saw a sign for a scavenger hunt featuring an amazing prize. I signed up and I was told to find a bunch of hidden Chandras around the Con. I had no idea who that was so I asked and they described her so I ran around and I did end up finding them all. The prize was a talk with some magic designers, those conversations are what got me started. My first deck was a really bad 5 color deck where I just threw all the cards I liked into a stack with way too many lands.
  • I started with an Origins starter deck, Assemble Victory, completely oblivious to the world of local game stores. I played at the school club. So, therefore, my first prerelease was Rivals of Ixalan xD
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    My introduction to Magic was strange. It all started when Magic 2013 was free on Games with Gold on Xbox. Then, I went to school, and a couple old friends I hadn’t seen in a while were playing, so I ended up getting a deck builder’s toolkit and playing with them. Let’s just say, Door to Nothingness.

    My first real deck I made was a black and white deck based around the Nyx set. I would stall for as long as possible, sapping life from my opponents, just to ruin their day with Worst Fears. :3

    As for my first prerelease, that would be a Magic 2015 prerelease at a pleasant little game shop with barely enough room to house eight. That’s where I got my first Planeswalker, Liliana, and where I began to get into Magic
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    My origins? Wow. I started in january 2013. my 1st prerelease was shadows over innisatrad.
  • It was at the end of Dragon’s Maze... I wanted to buy YuGiOh cards, but dad said that nobody would be playing that. (He was right of course, but I also thought that to be true about MTG) and on pretty much a whim he bought fat packs of M14, Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, and Dragon’s Maze. And I was terrible but hooked!
  • My friend and I were wandering around Akihabara about eight years ago, and found a store filled with mtg cards for sale. They had a cheap box full of common m10 cards and I bought it, took it home, and convinced a couple friends and my boyfriend at the time to learn how to play with me. I was interested because I had been REALLY into DotP on my Xbox at the time. Like I played that digital game nearly every day back then..

    My first deck with an actual strategy was red/blue aggro, I think. I also had a mono black megrim deck that I adored playing with.

    My first pre-release was after i had moved back to America for a year, and attended a Mirrodin Besieged pre-release. I got a Hero of Oxid Ridge in one of my constructed packs and fell in love immediately. Still one of my favorite cards.
  • Oh, simple.

    My dad had a bunch of pokemon, yugioh, magic cards, all sorts. One day I asked and he taught me to play after we made two decks.

    Few years later I found people at my high school, first year, that played. Made my first deck (a black one), started getting cards, and went from there. Found zombies, fell in love then just the graveyard in general became my favorite strat. Been playing ever since for... four years now, ish? I dunno, it's been great.
  • [[Undisclosed]] bought all five DGM intro packs for about $40. We learned with those. Lovely times were had (we didn't know how to use guild gates... We thought they worked like fetches that you don't have to sac... :-P).
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    I don't remember why I decided to start playing magic.. When I was in elementary school, magic became one of the things I do with my friends. Come to think of it, it's strange because there were so many other card games (pokemon, yugioh, digimon,,) that were more popular at that time.

    The first rare I got was Fallen Angel from 7th edition. I built so many decks around that card. My favorite combo was this

    My first pre-release was way after that. It was Zendiker (2009). That was the time I was probably the most addicted to magic. One day I felt tired of competitive games, and started playing more casually. Mainly cube draft and EDH.

    Fetches you don't have to sac are incredible lol!
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    Fallen Angel with Life must've ended in some pretty sweet blow-outs!
  • @Faiths_Guide
    It was! I also used Saproling Burst. Because my angel often got bounced after eating all my lands XD
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