Return of Legends

Remake a legendary creature from an older set, and they will battle to the death in the arena of the gods.

-Cards must be balanced
-There will be a different required mana cost every 2 weeks and your challenger for those 2 weeks must be of that mana cost
-Please try to use proper formatting and spelling
-One entry per person, you can edit your entry as long as it happens before the deadline

8 legends will be accepted every 2 weeks, there will be 4 winners. Winners will receive a favourite on 1 card of their choice.
Lore boosts the chance of you being selected.
It will be in the format of 1v1 matches that I will formulate.

May the best Legend win.


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    The mana cost for these 2 weeks is 3.

    The deadline is midnight February 18 MDT
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