My To-Do List of Projects for 2018

Just a place to list off my planned custom card projects for 2018 and hopefully let the MTGCS community hold me accountable for getting them all done. Also a chance for people to bring up some questions/concerns/hype about things on the list.
Custom Sets:
-Eathouria (Status: Final touches and balancing being done, see )
-Torments of Thought (Status: 51 of 184 cards completed.)
-Kaladesh 2.0 (Status: 201 of 274 cards completed.)
-Blackened Skies: Remastered (Status: 107 cards completed.)
-Unsmithed (Status: 29 of 222 cards completed.)
-Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: The MTG Set (Status: 20 of ??? cards completed.)
-Cardsmith Masters (Status: None.)
-Secret Project
Products and Decks:
-Cardsmith Commander (Status: One of five decks done.)
-Duel Decks: Ugin vs. Nicol Bolas (Status: None.)
-Eathouria Planeswalker Decks (Status: Finished, see )
-Torments of Thought Planeswalker Decks (Status: None.)
-Kaladesh 2.0 Planeswalker Decks (Status: None.)
-Blackened Skies: Remastered Planeswalker Decks (Status: One completed for original Blackened Skies, will see the remaster when the time comes.)
Lore and writing:
-Eathouria Block Lore (Status: 2 of ~5 stories completed for Eathouria, none for Torments of Thought.)
-Kaladesh 2.0 Block Lore (Status: None written.)
-Blackened Skies Lore (Status: None written.)
In terms of priority (highest to lowest, not necessarily the order things are finished in):
-Eathouria Planeswalker Decks
-Torments of Thought
-Torments of Thought Planeswalker Decks
-Kaladesh 2.0 has been roughly completed!
-Kaladesh 2.0 Planeswalker Decks
-Blackened Skies: Remastered
-Blackened Skies: Remastered Planeswalker Decks
-Secret Project
-Cardsmith Commander
-Duel Decks: Ugin vs. Nicol Bolas
-Eathouria Block Lore
-Kaladesh 2.0 Block Lore
-Blackened Skies Lore
-Cardsmith Masters
-Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: The MTG Set


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