Cardsmith's indiegogo thing

After watching the video I saw what there goal was and yet I still have some requests
1.I would really like to see a way to make the level up mechanic from Zendikar And it would also fit because Battle for Zendikar is coming later this year and it SHOULD have the level up mechanic
2.For Custom Card sets that you are working on as we saw in the video There should be a way to say you want people to add to your set such as a public set where the user could add cards made for that set but you could make it a private set that you want to do alone.
So thats my take on it so far let me know fellow cardsmithers in the comments what you think and some requests to mtgcardsmith


  • More card types like level up, split (fuse and not), more planeswalker options and the like are probably all part of normal development and I am sure will be addressed more quickly if the campaign is funded.

    The feature I want to see most is more backgrounds, like hybrid card gradient backgrounds. That and custom set icons.
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