What feature are you grateful for that MTGCS didn't have when you joined?

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As the title blatantly states, what feature are you grateful for that Cardsmith has now, which it didn't have when you joined?

As someone who's been here since the beginning of the site, I'd say I'm split between integrating Disqus or integrating a user login. Yes, there was a point in time where MTGCS did not have either feature.

Edit : To expand, originally, below the artist input line, there was a separate line to enter your identity. If you left it blank, it'd label the creator Anonymous, of course, but the issue was that any one could just type in whatever your identity was, and claim it was you. I don't think anyone from those days actually did it, since it wasn't long before the site added actual user functionality. And no one would know anyway, because back then the site didn't use Disqus.


  • I'd say Corwinnn's presence.
  • I really appreciate "small text" feature. More texts = more design space = more fun!
  • I joined really recently, so.... Watermarks?
  • @Tomigon
    Haha, that’s a good one.

    I remember the old text boxes - Static Keywords, Ability 1, Ability 2. Those were dreaful days.

    When did @Corwinnn join, anyway? I know he wasn’t here when MTGCS started (if he did then I didn’t know), and not for the first year or two.
  • @Damnation I've been around for about 2 years, so I would have to say the best new feature is either hybrid or gold borders for 2 color cards.
  • Proper multicolor borders!
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    I have had my account for a little more than 1 year but I have used the site for almost 2,5 years. I also remember the keyword abilities. Easy to use for simple stuff but terrible for creativity.
    What I think I like the most is when the standard set symbol went from a gear to the cardsmith hammer. It looks much better and somewhat more professional.
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    My favorites are the expansion of set symbols, and the new look for the site. It all looks so neat and clean, its amazing. Also a lot more user friendly upon initial entrance.
  • @Lujikul
    Yeah, I remember the site when it came out. I think it would just about confuse anyone who stumbled upon it by accident - a page with about 12 of the most recent cards.
  • Now you've done it, Corwinnn
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    Thanks @Tomigon! My favorite... EDITING!!

    I remember making and remaking and re-remaking and re-re-re-making and re-re-re-re... I made a lot of mistakes

    Or... The FORUMS!!

    When we wanted to make a contest or challenge we used to make Challenge cards and then hunt them down, make cards for the challenges, post on Disqus, follow the links, have a billion tabs open and finally declare a winner!

    Now we can do all it all in one place!
  • Hybrid borders!
  • Premium.

    The only change that allowed so many other changes to happen, and happen a lot sooner than if there wasn't a premium feature.
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