Homicidal Seclusion

Inspired by @Damnation's Terminal cards as of late, I've begun actually working on a deck idea I've been considering for a while. I'm trying to develop a casual deck that's centered around controlling exactly one creature at a time and making it powerful via Homicidal Seclusion and Deadly Wanderings (and maybe Demonic Rising). However, I'm drawing a blank of creatures that'd be good for the deck. The only one I've found so far is Skittering Horror. (I may add proxies of Damnation's cards if my playgroup is fine with it: they look like tons of fun.)

Would it be reasonable to splash other colors for the deck, or better to stay mono black?

In either situation, what are some creatures that are good at running solo?

A sample of some of Damnation's Terminal cards:


  • Personally I would suggest Grid Monitor, but that's because it's a big joke among my friends and I.

    Apart from that Demonic Taskmaster and Predator's Gambit seem good.
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    I tried to do this kind of deck once, but I ended up forgetting about it. The key is that you have to drop the biggest, baddest creature you can, as quickly as possible. It needs to be cheap, but potent, something that can win you the game without anything else. But it also needs to be un-interactible, or it will just get removed.

    Ironically, the kind of creatures that encourage you to not play other guys just aren't good enough. Although Demonic Taskmaster is definitely an upgrade over Skittering Horror, in that respect. But in my book, you just need to go for the best possible single creature.

    My game plan involved a Phyrexian Obliterator wearing Lightning Greaves. Obliterator is nice because it's over the curve, it discourages blocking, and it's pretty much off limits to burn spells.
  • My idea:
    Terminal mechanic cards + board wipe spells + Manlands
  • @Tomigon Oooh! I like that take!
  • Plus plenty of Fetches, 4 Fatal Pushes, 4 Vanquish the Weak, etc.
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