eslupmI -- cinahceM

Greetings, fellow humans.

While Noki tests the waters in Modern, Skaur has been plotting against the humans around him with random cards, awful mistakes, and cards that seem fine until you consider certain decks.

All jokes aside, I've been focusing on a bunch of things, and in my random fits of motivation/inspiration (quite interchangeable), I've made a few mechanics. One of my favourites has been Impulse.

Impulse {cost} (You may cast this card for its Impulse cost by discarding a card. If you do, its targets are chosen at random.)

This is an interesting mechanic in my opinion, and I thought that it would be fun to see what people did with it.

You will be allowed three entries, which can change over the course of the contest. My judging criteria is as follows:

5 points for entering
5 points for flavour.
15 points for originality.
25 points for balance.

The top three cards will receive favourites and pick an honourable mention. Additional prizes are as follows:

First place -- Two favourites of your choice and a tribute card.

Second place -- Two favourites of your choice OR a tribute card

Third place -- One favourite of your choice.

Honourable mention -- One favourite of my choice.

Now, go on, and do something with Impulse. This contest ends on Tuesday, February 25th. Good luck, and see Manic Bolt and Bottled Rage if you would like examples.


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