Splice Challenge **Circuit Challenge**

I recently realized WotC missed an opportunity when making splice onto arcane.
as you can see in this article, splice is not reserved for Arcane ... you can splice onto any subtype. Ex.: would be splice onto goblins, splice onto equipment, splice onto aura and so on as long as its a SUBTYPE not a super type like creature or sorcery.


So the contest is pretty easy and straight forward. Make a card with Splice onto {Something}.

Rules are also straight forward.

Up to 3 entries per smiths.

Judging is based on all aspect of the card, notably: Art fitting with the effect, balanced effect with the overall power of mtg, originality of the card itself and so on. (i will try my best to justify why winners win)

Contest ends on Feb 28th (or sooner if close to no entries are posted, or later if a TRUCK LOAD of entries are posted but i doubt) any change to the date will clearly be announced at least 3 days prior to the end.

Entries may be swapped or modified as many time as you feel necessary prior to the end.

PLEASE !!!! do not forget to credit the artist. A quick google search is 90% of the time the solution to find him or her.

Old card may be posted although i doubt many exists.


1: 5 favorites on ANY card. (not necessarly your own, I don't mind) PLUS 1 Circuit Point!
2: 3 favorites on ANY card. PLUS 3/4 Circuit Point
3: 1 favorite on ANY card. PLUS 1/2 Circuit Point
each winner will be able to choose a mention if they so desire. which will each be awarded a favorite on their entry and 1/4 Circuit Point!

Heres hoping this contest get many entries and many nice card to explore!



  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/ferrokinesis

  • alright !!! i wasnt even sure id get one submission. Ive seen many contest just fade away in shame !!! WOOP 1 entry is already enough to put a smile on my face XD
  • We'll be entering later as well. Just driving to Calgary atmo.
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    Splice onto Goblin, you say?

  • Planeswalker subtypes anyone?
    For reference, it's worded that way for it to actually work when you splice it onto a planeswalker spell.
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    - BANISHED -
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    I got inspired by @TheCenterOfTheUniverse's card, and present mine!

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    Entry #1(edited 3 times!):

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    It was kinda frustrating to make this card, lots of different ideas came to mind, but i hope it turned out alright.
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    Summoning Trap in particular
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    i kinda like how the splice Onto {WALKER} is kinda like an additional ability for that walker. Altought pretty hard to land on a walker, i thinks the concept is pretty neat and reminds me on custom cards with IGNITE


    (this card was done with Magic Set Editor (not mine) i recomand this software if your looking to make an entire set. it has great tools !! altough hard to use sometime)

    Keep the entries coming I like it and this message doesnt mean that entry unrelated to walkers arent interesting just tought id mention Custom Cards with ignite ^^
  • @Animist: you beat me to splice onto trap!!!
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    Fixed it! Thanks @Tomigon!
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    Entry #2(edited):
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    @KalamMekhar @sorinjace @sanjaya666
    I think you all made a same mistake.
    Imagine the card like this;
    {1}{w} [2/2] Creature, "You gain 2 life."
    We want to know when we can gain 2 life. When we cast that spell? or when it resolves/enters?
    If we make a card with "Splice onto [permanent]", I think the text should start with "When you cast _____" like Gelectrode and TheCenterOfTheUniverse did, or "When this permanent enters the battlefield, ____" like creepybeagle did. Check out their cards! My idea is "When _____ resolves,". I think it's the least confusing and the most flexible.

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    Deleted comment.
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    @Tomigon Is this ok?
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    @Tomigon When it resolves duh, but before the permanent ETB, same with the ordinary Arcane ones.
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    @Tomigon Also again, don't be so friggin hypocritical.

    Your interpretation is also incorrect.

    It is not the friggin equal with "{w} [2/2] Creature, "You gain 2 life."

    Where did you get the idea anyway?
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    Yes I think so.

    I only wanted to help you because I'm that damn hero. If I want to be hypocritical, I'd say your cards are awesome and see your cards lose because of their errors.

    I think you didn't get my point.
    Arcane spells are all instant or sorcery. In this challenge, I see some of you are trying to splice your cards onto permanent spells.
    I raised that example to show that how it feels wrong when normal instant or sorcery's text is added to a permanent. Ok, Let's say your Beckon the Damned is spliced onto Liliana Vess. She gets "Put the top seven cards of your library into your graveyard. Create a 2/2 black Zombie creature token for each creature card puts into graveyard this way.", but that's not loyalty ability. Not static, triggered, activated ability neither. Players don't know how to use that effect. Because it's just the text of sorcery card. But, if you add something like "When you cast___" or "When ____ enters/resolves", people can understand when that effect happens.
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    @Teacup, @KalamMekhar
    Thanks for fixing your cards with my idea, but please remember that I could be wrong, and "When you cast ____" wording also works(I think).
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    This text doesn't exist. Move along, move along.
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    @Tomigon Who cares about losing dude.
  • @sanjaya666 he's just trying to help people. If you have a problem with that, then just don't listen. Let us bathe in his sagacity.
  • @Tomigon: my issue with making it a cast trigger is that it would effectively be uncounterable, which wouldn't have been the case when it was a sorcery.
  • we just now realise there is a gapping rule hole when you start splicing things onto permanents ... but since splice onto goblins (for example) can be splice onto a spell OR permanent i think tomigon solution is elegant. When you cast CARDNAME do that thing is probably the way to go if your spell ends up being spliced onto permanents.

    @sanjaya666 i think @Tomigon made a great point and is only trying to help others. i think in this situation your are the one overreacting.
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