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So the original reason I started this account was to make a fake cube for my play group to draft (See here ) But now I also just kind of want to become better at card making and become bigger in the community. It's way more fun than I thought it would be! So help me out, comment on my cards or here. I want to learn how to make better cards and what, if anything, I'm doing right already. Thanks for reading this and your support.


  • @East2West good luck with your cube, I definitely support it, bro!
  • Thanks @sorinjace! I'm worried about power levels and a curve though
  • token of war shouldnt have Equip as equip states is can only be used on creatures you control. Altought making an activated ability allowing it to be attached to target creature you dont control only at sorcery speed (like cranial plating) also a dies ability doesnt use Whenever as a therm but rather When.

    Momentum matrix should also have a different ability. altought it works the way it is now, it would be better to have it become tapped as the resulting ability and the cost being to pay 2 life. (pay 2 life: tap momentum matrix)

    for raise the woodlands you might want to word it like this:
    Unless you REALLY want the active player to search FIRST specificly.

    dont take those comment too badly !!! your doing well ^^ keep it up

  • @East2West Good luck, your cards are great!
  • @icyyou Thank you so much! That super helps dude. The link there is only to the last page of the current cube. If you have time I would really appreciate it if you went over more, these are super helpful!
  • no problem i will try and go over it as much as i can and give you more help on wording ^^ glad i could be helpful.
  • very few card (none i can think of) uses at the bigining of you upkeep as a trigger. On Dream Reactor you might want to have the second ability appear FIRST on the card since it happens first ...

    at the beggining of your upkeep, scry 2

    At the beggining of each players upkeep, that players draws card equal to the number of cards in his or her hand, then puts that many card from his hand on the bottom of his or her library in any order.

    also consider noting al these and keeping EVRY ARTWORK from your cube in a folder on your pc. then when your done, you might want to get premium mebership for one month only and get acces to the EDIT tool to repair all the wordings. thats what i did and i liked the premium options enough to keep subscribing. Alternatively you could REMAKE all the cards from scratch to repair wordings but thats tidious.

    i will try and go over as many as i can but keep in mind there is 30 PAGE of this HAHAH if you want 1 specific card to be checked before the others ... mention it here and ill check it out !!
  • Take your time! It's huge that you're doing this, thank you so much! @icyyou
  • I see you started maing lands. keep in mind all lands ever (except dryad arbor) are colorless i know the dual color border looks fancyer and all but lands are colorless

    Moorbound witch: activated ability requires you to PAY life not lose life. And as a sidenote LANDhome is not an evergreen keyword anymore altough nothing prevents you from using it.

    Palladium gargoyle: should read. Whenever CARDNAME is dealt damage, you may add (1) to your manapool for each damage dealt to it. (point of damage is not a MTG therm)

    Mul-daya juggernaut: you dont need to add on the battlefield on the last ability. -1/-1 for each swamp makes plenty of sense and works mechanicly.

    Blood elf: whenever you are dealt damage, put that many +1/+1 counter on CARDNAME.

    Pact of the thermagolem: you might want to put the new wording for token generation since you used it on other card like nestification.
    Create a 5/5 red golem arrtifact creature. altought you may prefer the old wording its up to you.

    Sparking gambit : you missed the period on first effect ( . ) on the second effect you should use number of card discarded this way instead of AMOUNT of card. i suggest you put the SKIP part as a third paragraph for clarity.

    demonic contract : should read at the beggining or your draw step, draw an additional card.

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