Weekly Challenge D&D Quest Week 3 (Due Saturday 3/10/18)

In the nerd primordial soup, fantasy card games and RPG are two chief ingredients in that stew and today we bring them both together in a 4 week challenge.

Each week, I'll be asking you to create a card to create a party for an epic quest. You'll then have one week to submit a card and via to have your entry be added to the party. Then during the final week, you'll face the boss of this quest and compete for everlasting glory.


#1: Only one card per cardsmith per week. You may however, change your card at any time before the deadline.

#2: If at all possible, please credit the artist or at least provide a link of where you found the art. Cards that do so, will rate higher in my judging then those that do not.


Weeks 1-3 Party Set up

1 Favorite of your choice.
A advantage for the final round by being able to see the boss of the quest before any other card smith.

Note: Cardsmiths who win in week 1 or 2, will not be considered for judging for subsequent weeks, EXCEPT for the final week. Basically, you can win the Party Set up round and the Boss round, but not two party set up rounds.

Week 4: Boss

Good luck and Good questing to you:


  • Week 1: Rouge Due Date 2/23/18 Midnight EST

    Every good party needs someone who can sneak in the shadows and can have your back; often by stabbing others in the back.

    CHALLENGE: Create a Elf, Dwarf, Kithkin ( Mtg's Halfling/Hobbit), or a Goblin creature card that exemplifies what it means to be a rouge. This can be as deadly as a thief or an assassin or as handy as a spy or trap finder.

    Specifics rules and guidelines for this challenge:

    #1: No cards made prior to 2/10/18 may be used.
    #2: Color does not matter, although obviously blue and black are the typical colors of choice for rouges and sneaks in mtg.
    #3: Creature has to be an Elf, Dwarf, Kithkin, Goblin, or a halfbreed of any of the former. EXAMPLE: Human Dwarf or Giant Goblin.
    #4: I look at all aspects of a card. Artwork, balance, flavor, grammar and spelling: so put your best work forward.

    Good luck to all:
  • A human is basically just a giant kithkin. And a dwarf is a mutated kithkin.

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    Gloom Stalker can use Sneak Attack when none of your opponent's creatures are watching, can use its Cunning Action to dash, and can disengage to confuse an opposing creature only to come back the next turn even deadlier.
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/krim-scourge-of-the-dross

    It might not translate perfectly into DnD rules, but I think a character could follow this concept.
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    Here's my entry! I decided to try to make a top-down design this time around! He's prbobably gonna be used for EDH than Modern, but I can still see him in both. Also, if you look at the flip walkers from Magic: Origins, you do see that the text uses he/she when referring to the card, so I did the same thing here!.

    I've actually always wanted to play DnD for a long time! Guess this'll be the closest I ever get to making my first character XD

    He's quick, always on watch, yet always tries to avoid too much attention. When the day comes that you do confront him, any weapons you might have on you might disappear in a flash... and might be the last thing you'll ever see.

    Be careful though, and keep watch! Even when all is quiet, and Maverick's already made a hit on the opponent, any unaware creatures might get the knife!

    You can click on the image to be redirected to the original Maverick I made on MTGCardsmith!

  • @ManaChrome, you should get into D&D! Make a rogue; they're super fun. I should know; out of the four characters I'm currently playing, 2 are rogues XD
  • @MagicChess

    And one is a Warlock that killed a shop owner!
  • Whoa! @ManaChrome where did you make a card like that?
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    Ok card fixed.

  • @Baron-777, planesculptors.net, probably.
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    Gosh, my card is wrong. It should be a legend.

    Nevermind. It is done anyway.
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    I actually made it in Magic Set Editor. I only really use Magic Set Editor when the rules text doesn't fit in the text box of MTGCardsmith, or when I want to do full art cards.

    Planesculptors.net is where people post their sets that they made from Magic Set Editor :)
  • @ManaChrome
    *facepalm* Heh...heh................heh...........................................................................heh.
  • I'll have to check it out later. Always good to have other options. By the by, good selection of cards so far.
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    Here's my entry:

  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/arrow-tip-negotiator

    This one needs an explanation. In my campaigns, instead of being the classic trap-finder or pickpocket, rogues are negotiators. This is mostly due to the fact that they have the highest charisma, and are usually pretty kind.
  • Ok, quick reminder and a bump. Tommorow is the deadline for this week's contest at midnight EST. Remember you can change your cards up until the deadline.
  • @Mila
    Has to be one of the types listed above.
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    Sometimes one is not driven to thievery by choice but rather by apprehensive circumstance.
  • Oh, the types were quite hidden. Well premium expired, so let's just forget about that...
  • I'll bold the most important rules next round.
  • Not your fault, I didn't read properly. I just saw D&D and rogue and started to create a card. It's because I am an avid D&D player and wanted to join that hard :)
  • Final bump, 7 hours remain till the deadline!
  • Ok officially closed for week 1. Judging, results, and week 2's challenge will be posted tomorrow.
  • So judging and results are gonna take a bit longer as I've got some some unforeseen business to attend to today. However I will give you instructions for next week's challenge.

    Week 2: Magic Due Date: 3/2/2018 Midnight EST.

    Magic, not the gathering kind, is something that can be the pivot of a battle or even an entire campaign. Found within one's self or mystical objects throughout the land, it will serve you well for the fight ahead.

    CHALLENGE: Create a magical based creature, artifact, or artifact creature that will be used by/in the party. Any type of magic will do, from flashy magic blasts or sword that can sever continent or as subtle as a spell that can protect and save a life, or many lives.

    Specific rules and guidelines for this challenge:

    #1: No cards created prior to 2/23/18 may be used.
    #2: Color does not matter, however be careful if you use color in your artifacts. Done poorly it can look sloppy and out of place.
    #3: Creatures, artifacts, artifact creatures, and equipment are all fair game, but no instants, sorceries, or enchantments. Creature types should exemplify the wonder and/or power of magic.
    #4: Once again, I look at all aspects of a card. Artwork, balance, flavor, grammar and spelling: so put your best work forward.

    Best of luck to everyone.
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    @ManaChrome How do you make a full art card? I wanna do that...
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