Add paypal!

What else do I have to say?
I'd like to get the subscription done, but honestly, I can't.

Credit Cards are only a thing in the USA, I mean sure, here in Europe we also have CC but we don't use them.
If you really want to give everyone the option to actually get a subscription done, then you have to include more payment options than something that is almost a region-specific one.

Please consider adding Paypal, it will help you out because so much more people will be able to upgrade.


  • @Opulus
    Here is a roundabout for you to use paypal. It's what I use.
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    Hopefully they'll add paypal to the main method sooner than later.

    It would make it less hard to find. The only trouble is gifting subscriptions with that option requires speaking to mtgcardsmith. We use this for contest prizes though.
  • Bump. Ran into the same issue. Hope the donation workaround works. Do I have to contact anyone for it to work?
  • @Estuways
    It automatically credits it to your account, unless you request to mtgcardsmith ahead of time.
  • @modnation675 @murkletins Thank you. I've donated 5$ via paypal and selected 1 month premium membership. I have not automatically received premium, however. Do you know what I should do now?
  • @Estuways have you signed out then signed back in? That was what I always had to do
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    @TheCenterOfTheUniverse I have. I'm starting to worry about my money... Is there anyone that runs this site? I'd like to discuss my problem with someone responsible for donations / premium membership, if possible, please.
  • @Estuways
    It takes about a day for it to kick in.
  • @Lujikul thanks. Well, it's been about a day. I'm probably just being too impatient. I'd been considering getting Premium for weeks. When I decided that the time was right, I ran into the stupid CC-barrier, got my hopes up for the donation method, saw it was supposed to be automatically credited to my account and just assumed it would be super fast. Oh well!
  • @Corwinnn @mtgcardsmith
    Can you make sure the premium has activated for @Estuways?
  • I'll look into it, but I think the guy in charge of that part might be out of contact. If so, I'll be sure to keep you posted @Estuways
  • @Estuways... you're all set!
  • @murkletins @Corwinnn Thanks a lot, anime person and adorable squirrel, it works now! ^_^ Oh, two last questions I can't find any answer to:
    1. If Premium runs out before the next donation gets it going again, will it delete sets of other people's cards and other things I made that are Premium-Exclusive?
    2. I thought I could create full-art cards (with text boxes) with Premium but I can't, how does one do that?
  • 1. No
    2. MSE or that other site that makes cards but I can't think of what it's called.
  • Thank you. Oh, I thought it was a feature of this site as well. Guess this explains why it only shows up on the forums.
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