The Enders

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This challenge will provide no rewards other than the likes and feedback given to the cards you post in this discussion.

-The challenge is to create "Enders." (Unlimited entries)
-An Ender is some creature that brings the end of existence to a plane or guild via some form of world destruction. The closest real mtg creature to this would be Emrakul.


1. Your creations should be far more creative than a 15/15 trample, indestructible, haste, shroud God that shows up out of nowhere and lays waste to the plane. The creature is not something unbeatable either. Merely something that will bring about the plane's end if left unchallenged.

2. The creature can be of any type(s) other than a God.

3. Theme it after the primary mechanics of the plane it is destroying. It does not necessarily have to use those mechanics. Perhaps it uses those mechanics against the plane. Also, be more creative than "When Ender of Phyrexia attacks, destroy all creatures with infect." Sorry if my Ender of Innistrad is close to breaking this rule. (It was my first Ender.)

4. It must be a Legendary Creature of mythic proportions and must be titled "Ender of [Insert Plane Here]". OPTIONAL: You may insert a unique name before "Ender."

Here are 4 examples to get you started. I expect yours to be better in every way. Mine were quickly created and not very good:


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