The MTG Finance Thread

I felt like we should be able to discuss MTG finance here on the forums, because there isn’t already a finance thread for people to discuss on.
Rules of the Finance Thread:
1. This thread is for discussing prices dropping and rising prices on specific cards. For example, Worldwake Jace TMS just rose to $150.
2. This thread is NOT for complaining about specific cards. For example, “ohmagawd WHY is MANAMORPHOSE’s price so EXPENSIVE? It’s a common ;(“ Go complain to the guys at your local LGS. I’m sure they’ll be more interested in it then the denizens of MTGCS.
3. Product prices are okay too. “A booster pack of Modern Masters has MSRP $9.99.”
That’s all.


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  • I'm pretty sure there have been other finance threads in these forums, but they always dried up because there's not enough interest in the Cardsmith community. You might be better served on Reddit.
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  • Here's a Manamorphose... and it's FREE!!!
  • Finance generally interests me since I can't afford anything with pocket money. I really just like to see how much my cards are worth for trading. For example, BBE just went up to $9 from $3, which means I scored $24 in trade value.
    I sorta wish Modern was more accessible for children, but life's tough.
  • @Tigersol I wish that was true as well. I spent my money on trying to finish my Pirate Commander deck, and I really find Modern interesting (especially Five-Color Humans) but cards like Noble Hierarch and Ancient Ziggurat are ten bucks apiece, which really makes it hard for me to get into Modern. Still... I'm saving up for Masters 25 packs, because a ton of cool cards, like Jace and Phineas (Phyrexian Obliterator), are being reprinted. Also, Murder confirmed in Masters 25 with cool Queen Marchesa flavor text!
  • If you're careful, you can play competitive decks in modern for approximately fifty dollars. Not cheap, by any means, but definitely better than some of the alternatives.
  • @Lujikul: yeah, was just checking out a $60-odd mono-red goblin aggro that revolved around Goblin Bushwhacker and Reckless Bushwhacker (I think the deck was called 8-whack). Apparently it's better than mono-red burn, but not better than Boros/Naya burn with Leyline of Sanctity removal. So yeah, there are competitive decks under $100.

    Also, while not quite in the same price range, Manaless Dredge might be the cheapest Legacy deck around, at $200-$250. Surprisingly, having no lands reduces the price.

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    Sadly, I bring ill tidings. Noble Hierarch is not $10, it is $61.
    Also, DO NOT PREORDER MASTERS 25. I did for Iconic Master and wasted $100.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21 @Tigersol

    Modern is perfectly accessible if you know what you're doing. If you NetDeck and make a few budget cuts (while also building around your collection), you can build a decent Modern deck for 35 to 50 dollars. Of course, most of my money comes from interest rates, selling cards, and holiday money, but I've been able to build a fairly decent Modern deck for very little cost.
  • @NokiSkaur: yes. The majority of cuts can be made on the mana base.
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