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Yro's Weekly Challenge - Week 1 (Closed)

My dudes,

Three options a week. They could be anything.

Thanks for bearing with me this week as I tweak the rules and rewards in my debut week.

- Up to 3 entries per person (1 for each, or 2 for one option and 1 for another, or all 3 for one option.
- Create new cards for this challenge.

- Favorites to all cards I like that you've created dating back to Feb 1st, 2018, as well as potential follows (for all entrants, this week only).
- I will post the winner for each option on the following week's discussion + running total.

- February 28 at 11:59 PST.


Option (A): Create a card with Evoke

Option (B): Create a card with an effect that refers to the subtype Dinosaur.

Option (C): Create a card with a Tempting offer.


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