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This will just keep going as long as it maintains interest of the cardsmiths on here. The rules are simple: Post a new funny card and post it here! Thats it. No limits. If I like it I'll favorite it. Happy Cardsmithing everyone. -sorinjace


  • Just to get this started. I know most of you got jokes, let's see them on cards posted here! No serious cards!
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    Not technically a new card, but this one was misunderstood (read the comment) XD
    It's called Defeat Purpose, which is a play on words. It defeats one's purpose, i.e. that spell they wanted to cast, but it also defeats the purpose of itself. Its a sorcery with flash (defeats the purpose). One might think it was made this way intentionally so as to avoid being countered by Dispel, but it has Split Second (defeats the purpose). It's purpose is to be a counterspell, but instead it gives the spell's target shroud (defeats the purpose).


    Geddit?.............................Too subtle, maybe? XD
  • That's great!
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    Honestly, I have no idea... Words cannot even begin to explain how the idea of this card entered my brain and, furthermore, why I followed through in creating it.
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    Snoopy, The Master Pilot by @Gandalfthegrey


    Thought this was funny. It reminded me of the old toys that you had to wind and watch through the 'viewer'. My brother Steve and sister Bonnie would play with this thing all the time, we had like 4 or 5 videos to watch on it. My favorite was the Snoopy Red Baron one. It was funny watching Snoopy's Dog House getting shot down to me, I would keep rewinding that part and playing it over and over. *Sigh* Kids these days. They don't know how much effort it took companies to get to where they are at in technology. I think my age group is the last of that dying breed of kids that played and actually enjoyed these toys. As you got older, if you was my age, you had to appreciate the effort they put into them :) Sure there are cool toys now, but nothing will probably ever be made like the fisher price movie viewer again, least not for a long while. (if ever!)

    Whats a Fisher Price Movie Viewer, you may find yourself asking? I'm betting most of you are too young to even know what this toy is, hell, it was before MY time (i'm 36 now born in 1981, yup i'm an 80's baby. lol) I'm not even sure when it actually was NEW lol. It was old when I was a kid, it was a pass me down from my older siblings I believe (I'm adopted.)

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