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Mechanix Challenge - Twenty Six **Circuit Challenge**

84 years ago, Corwinnn, MrRansom, AustinSmith and Tomigon started a project called TheMechanix. Now, its secret is revealed. It is where we organize all custom keyword mechanics posted to ; Mechanic Encyclopedia for ALL.

For Mechanix Challenge - Twenty Six
We would like you to choose a custom keyword mechanic from THIS SET:
and make an incredible card that uses it.

In Mechanix Challenge - Twenty Six, the focus is on Triggered Abilities
This challenge features mechanics from @sorinjace, @Animist, @Tomigon, @Faiths_Guide, @Luigifan, @Mila, @kltmtg29, @MrRansom, @Superman101 & @Monty

Presentation, art selection, templating, spelling, balance, creativity and flavor.

Limit of 12 entries max per person.
Deadline: March 11th, 2018
*Top 3 winners will get a super amazing -TROPHY-; and added to -HALL OF FAME- !

First Place - 1 Circuit Point
Second Place - 3/4 Point
Third Place - 1/2 Circuit Point
Honorable Mention - 1/4 Circuit Point


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    Restore by sorinjace
    Restore N (When this _____ enters the battlefield, you may shuffle up to N cards from your graveyard into your library.)
    Restore by sorinjace
    Restore (When this _____ enters the battlefield, you may shuffle your graveyard into your library.)

    Promote by Animist
    Promote (Whenever another creature you control leaves the battlefield, if that creature had greater base power than this creature's power, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

    Defiant by Tomigon
    Defiant (Whenever this creature attacks, if defending player controls an untapped creature with power greater than this creature's toughness, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

    Counter strike by Faiths_Guide
    Counter strike (Whenever this creature is dealt combat damage by a creature, if the amount of damage is less than this creature's toughness, this creature deals damage to that creature equal to the difference.)

    Manalink by Luigifan
    Manalink (Whenever this creature deals damage, untap up to that many target lands you control.)
    ^Alternative name ideas: "Earthbond", "Landbond", "Earthlink", "Landlink"

    Foul by Mila
    Foul (At the beginning of your upkeep, put a -1/-1 counter on this creature. Whenever this creature is blocked by a creature, move a -1/-1 counter from this creature onto that creature.)

    Irate by Faiths_Guide
    Irate (Whenever this creature becomes the target of a spell or ability, untap it.)

    Freezing by kltmtg29
    Freezing (Whenever this creature deals damage to a creature, tap that creature. It doesn't untap during its controller's next untap step.)
    ^Other name ideas--"Frosttouch, Frost strike, Freezing strike"

    Extract by Superman101
    Extract (Whenever a creature dealt damage by this creature this turn dies, put a +1/+1 counter on this creature.)

    Vanguard by MrRansom
    (Whenever this creature attacks for the first time each turn, after this phase, there is an additional combat phase.)

    Pillage by Monty
    Pillage N (Whenever this creature deals combat damage to a player, exile the top N cards of that player's library. You may cast those cards until end of turn. You may spend mana as though it were mana of any color to cast them.)

    Rouse by kltmtg29
    Rouse (Whenever you or a creature you control is dealt damage, untap this creature.)
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    I'm first with my first two entries

    (Edited Eirlys because she had double the instant of Frosttouch.)
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    Redacted(third time).
  • edited February 26
  • edited February 27

    Shout out to opcode_6e and his feint mechanic. I have slightly re-worked opcode_6e's reminder text for this ability to save text box space.

    Also, I re-worded pillage's reminder text in an attempt to make it more concise without changing its meaning (I was trying really hard to make more space in the text box for extra abilities on the card)! While I'm pretty sure the effect of this new text is the same as that of the old, please let me know if I have overlooked something.

    Good luck to everyone in the challenge.

    Version of this card with reminder text removed and flavor text added:
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  • edited March 4
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    Does this simplification work?
    Counter strike (Whenever this creature is dealt combat damage, if the damage
    is less than its toughness, it deals damage to the source equal to the difference.
  • @Tomigon
    Question about vanguard.
    Why does it use 'combat step' and then 'combat phase'?
  • edited February 27
    I'm not sure. I'm not so familiar with the wording that uses "source", and I think it should say "the amount of damage". But I can understand what it does with your wording. So if I were the judge, I would say that change is ok. It's up to @Corwinnn.

    Good point. We can use Aurelia, the Warleader's wording. @Corwinnn can you fix it?

    (Whenever this creature attacks for the first time each turn, after this phase, there is an additional combat phase.)
  • edited February 27
    @Faiths_Guide - Absolutely

    @CardShark - Feint isn't in this challenge. But Pillage is, so ignore this! XD

    @Tomigon @Alchemist - Done!
  • @Corwinnn If you look closely at CardShark's card, it uses pillage mechanic.
  • edited February 27
  • @Corwinnn, duly ignored! :) If fact, I didn't even see it. Hope it wasn't important...

    @Tomigon - thanks for pointing out my card, Library Raid, has pillage.

    I really like Library Raid's (even if I do say so myself!) because no matter what the opponent does, they are gonna have a bad day:

    *You cast it targeting your unblocked creatures, and they let it resolve = you get access to cards from the top of their library.

    *You cast Library Raid, and they pay {x}{x} to prevent the pillagin' = they get hit with a mini Mana Short type effect.

    *You cast Library Raid, and they respond with disruption = you return it to your hand with feint, and then:

    1) Recast it, choosing new unblocked targets.
    2) Cast what you really wanted to cast, now they have one less disruption effect at their fingertips.
    3) Do nothing, and play a land and a creature threat, preparing for a bigger Library Raid next turn.
  • edited February 27
    "My dear crewmates, I have had enough. This life of battle has taken its toll on me all these years. It is too much for me. I am confident that you will steer this ship well in my absence. Fare thee well, all of you. Accept this one last parting gift from me..."


    Basically, you need another creature with vanguard (or another way to generate an added combat step, like Fury of the Horde) to get the additional turn. Oh, and you need to get him to untap somehow.
  • edited February 27

    Entry 2.

    Edit: nerfed p/t
  • edited February 27
    Check out the Set.
  • edited February 28
    Entries 3 & 4 are inhabitants of the same rainforest. Inspired by South American indigenous tribes who use poison-dart frogs to lace the tips of darts with deadly toxins, which they use to hunt.


    The Simic answer to Vampire Nighthawk?


    Basically, the blowgunner needs a toxin source if it wants to bring down big prey. Perhaps it 'extracts' this poison from the drake!

    Edit: changed second card from mono green to red green (because colour pie break)
  • edited February 27
    Vanguard and Irate:
    This is a bit of a combo.
  • edited February 27

    Thought this iceberg vaguely looked like it had legs, so decided to make a manland a la Zendikar.

    PS: I'm using the hybrid frame only because the proper dual land frame isn't there, and the regular land frame looks boring.
  • Entry Number 1

  • edited February 28

    Traditional black payment a la ixalan.
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