Ideas for squirrels

My playgroup is doing a thing where we make custom cards and make commander decks out of them, I am doing squirrel tribal but I am running out of card ideas, this is my commander:
Does anyone have some card ideas?


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    How about cards that use Acorn counters?

    Corwinnn's Servant {g} Creature
    When Corwinnn's Servant enters the battlefield, you get an acorn counter.
    Corwinnn's Temple {4}{g} Enchantment
    Pay three acorn counters: Draw a card.
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    I would suggest finding them a subtheme on top of the tribal aspect ^^ For instance, GB squirrels care about dice rolling in Unstable, you could make a mix of dice rolling, Go Wide, and Squirrel tribal strategies?

    Like the Commander products that have two alternate commanders for the subthemes, I would start by designing two "alternate commanders." Your current one is very "Go Wide" (by the way mono-green don't have access to Double Strike), you could make a Lord that cares about having more squirrels in your deck for the Tribal aspect, and a Dice-rolling squirrel to complete the trio for instance :)
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