All Aboard! (Closed)(Winners Posted!)

Vehicles are probably my favorite addition in recent MAGIC history. I feel like there is so much potential for this unique card type. So, my challenge for anyone and everyone is to make a vehicle. Of course, there are some requirements (I mean, Duhh).
  • The card MUST have super-type ARTIFACT (not Artifact Creature), and sub-type VEHICLE

  • It MUST have a power/toughness (Even though it is not a creature).

  • It needs the Crew N mechanic.

  • There is a limit of 4 entries per cardsmith.

For those of you unfirmilliar with the Vehicle card type, here are some examples from the Kaladesh and Ixalan blocks:

And here are some examples that I made here, on Cardsmith:

Don't be afraid to get creative! Use mechanics that aren't associated with artifacts, or use colored mana in its mana cost! SKYS THE LIMIT.

Now, for the important part:
1st Place: Follow and 5 favorites of THEIR CHOICE
2nd Place: 3 Favorites of my choice
3rd Place: 1 Favorite of my choice

Entries are due Tuesday, March 20 (That's 3 weeks). I might make it later if there is a lot of interest, or earlier if there is little interest.

Also, if you finish your entries for this contest, consider checking out my other contest, Double or Nothing! It ends March 20th as well, so you have time for both of them

In the meantime, Have fun smithing!


  • Are old cards allowed?
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    @Mila Sure, but I would prefer it if you made new cards. And you can edit as long as it's not past the due date
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    image image image
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    Entry #1:
    @Tbeast430: you said to be creative as we wish, so I thought it'd be pretty cool to give some edge to the Pirates! (I put creatures on it though, so if your not playing with all pirates its still a useful card.)
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    Thats a good idea, because we all know they desperately need it...
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    In light of the upcoming Dominaria set:
    May be a little OP, but I'm currently unsure...
  • Entry #2:
    Vehiclecycling, anyone? :)
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    Entry #1 & #2
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    Only 1 week left to submit your entries!
  • Entry #3:
  • I made 1 vehicle for common, 1 for uncommon, and 1 for rare? That wasn't planned, but cool.
  • @sorinjace
    Now all you need is one for mythic.
  • image

    Pirate Ship with a card to search for later
  • 1st Entry
  • @TenebrisNemo you should enter your wasteland carriage into the cowboys and Indians contest if you want to join the cowboys side, that is :) @Tbeast430 yeah that's a good idea.
  • Entries close tomorrow at noon! Last call to submit a card.
  • The contest is now closed for judging.
  • Here Are The Results!
    This was a very fun contest. And, i realize that vehicles aren't the most interesting cards to design, but even so, I still got some really good entries. Because of this, I have decided to add a 4th place, which will get the same rewards as 3rd, and 3 honorable mentions, which will all get a favorite on their entry.
    Without further adieu, Here is:

    4TH PLACE:
    @Faiths_Guide with Plunder Galley!

    To be completely honest, I love the idea of having multiple options, and this card is made even better with the fact that is is pirate tribal (Whooo!!!! Pirates for life!).

    3RD PLACE:
    @Dechujoh64 with ELB Train 131!

    This is a great card. It gives you en extra turn, which is very powerful on its own. BUT it also gets a boost when you crew it with either a cowboy or an outlaw (This was made originally for SorinJace's Cowboys vs Indians contest. I think.). The only problem with it, however, is that the last part is worded weird.

    2ND PLACE:
    @sorinjace with Kaladesh Explorer!

    Just, VehicleCycling. Because, Why not? It is very creative (In my eyes at least) and I love how it uses cycling (One of my favorite machanics (Aside from Exert) from Amonkhet).

    And Finally... The moment we've all been waiting for...

    1ST PLACE!!!!
    @TenebrisNemo with Queen Deirdre's Bloodstorm!

    Where to begin on this one. There are so many little things the card does well. From the art, to the Raid ability (Because PIRATES!). It is definitely very powerful, and gives you the chance to absolutely DESTROY the opponents defenses turn after turn. I can see myself using this in my own pirate deck (If this was a standard legal card).

    And now for the Honorable Mentions
    These cards did not score enough to place, but did something that I thought was very clever or unique.

    @jpastor with Uber to House on Haunted Hill

    I think this is a good card. And it solidifies my (Totally rational) fear of Uber Drivers.

    @capitan_pugsley with Skyship Weatherlight, Restored

    I really like this card. If you play your cards right (See what I did there?) you can easily flood the battlefield with expensive, heavy-hitting creatures before your opponents even knew what hit them.

    Now, for those of you who won, here is the modified prize list.
    1st Place: Follow and 5 favorites of THEIR CHOICE
    2nd Place: 3 Favorites of THEIR CHOICE
    3rd Place: 1 Favorite of THEIR CHOICE
    4th Place: 1 Favorite of THEIR CHOICE
  • Cool, glad you liked the galley! Congrats other @Winners and @Mentionables, and thanks for the contest @Tbeast430!

    Fave this?
  • Awesome! Congratulations to other winners and honorable mentions as well. Thank you for this contest, @Tbeast403.

    Please give a fave for this card:

    Give the rest four favorites to any other cards of mine which you personally like.
  • Congrats Everyone! :-D
    Thanks for the Honorable Mention, @Tbeast430. I'm glad you liked my entry. :-)
  • Thank you @Tbeast430
    and here is my card I would like you to fave.

    Now get over to my circuit challange, you might be in for a surprise.
  • @Dechujoh64
    Yea. That challenge was CERTAINLY a surprise. I just can't get over the fact that I won.

    You are welcome for this challenge, and I am glad everyone enjoyed it so far.
    (Oh, and I have favorited all 5 cards for you Tenebris, and your card Dechujoh)
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