Deliver me Slivers

So I will be honest. I'm not a fan of these guys. Maybe after this contest someone will change my mind about these guys and i'll start liking them more. But honestly, they are a favorite amongst magic players. So, without further ado, lets get right to it!

Make me a Sliver card! Heres the rules:

1. Max of 5 entries.
2. It can be any type of card as long as it works with Slivers.
3. You can edit if you need to any time up to the due date.
4. Only new entries please.
5. Please credit the artist.

Thats it! Heres the prizes:

3rd place: 1 favorite of his or her choice.
2nd place: 2 favorites of his or her choice.
1st place: 3 favorites of his or her choice and a follow. If I already follow you, 4 favorites of your choice instead.

This will be different from my usual contests, but I will favorite entries this time as they go if I enjoy them. This is just for fun guys, have fun cardsmithing!

Due date is 03-05-18 (the same date that my 'The Owls Are Gathering' contest ends.) 8pm USA eastern standard time.

Make me a Sliver fan! lol

Heres an example of an actual Sliver card (juuuust in case you actually dont know what a Sliver is):


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