An EMINENT Power Approaches **Circuit Challenge**

I felt the need to do another contest
So here it is Contest Number Two.

This Contest is all about the ability EMINENCE.

There are only FOUR cards that have this ability on them and they are
My favorite: Arahbo, Roar of the World, then, Edgar Markov, The Ur-Dragon, and Inalla, Archmage Ritualist.

I would like to see the many awesome Cardsmith's take on this ability.
This contest will end on March 21st @ NOON.

#1 It has to be a Legendary Creature
#2 The main ability on the card HAS to be Eminence.
#3 ONLY up to THREE cards per smith.
#4 Balance is KEY
#6 Remember serious cards but also have FUN with these cards, too.

Now for the Prizes
Honorable Mention- **1/4 Circuit Point
3rd- 2 faves of their choice **1/2 Circuit Point
2nd- 4 faves of their choice **3/4 Circuit Point
1st- A follow and 6 Faves of their choice (If I already follow you then it is 8 faves.) **1 Circuit Point

Good Luck and Lets have some fun with EMINENCE!


  • Ooh, I have one fun one ready to go
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    Boy, is Eminence a tough mechanic to design for! Hopefully this card is good enough to place (But probably not).


    EDIT: Slightly reworded/fixed slight text wrap issues
  • @Tbeast430, that card us great and all, but I have a suggestion for the card. Normally its with an upkeep step, but if you want to keep it during the combat step. You may want to have it say, Eminence- At the beginning of your combat step,...

    Just a suggestion.
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    Notice @Tbeast430's wording is the same as your favorite Eminent above.
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    Don't worry too much. It's still a working wording though.
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    Armel is back!
    Entry #1:
  • @Faiths_Guide and @modnation675 and @Tbeast430 sorry I forgot about that but I've been told sooooo many times on the wording on my cards. But doesn't your combat step sound better than combat on your turn.
  • @sorinjace ohhh an "edger" bear.
  • Usually it's combat phase anyways.
  • But it depends.
  • (This is from me to me)A fool is someone not willing to learn. A fool I am not. Thank you for all the help, guys.
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    @sorinjace, shiver me slivers. Is this an echo chamber?
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  • Now that's why batty coda flew away. The experiments make you indestructible!... and spew swamp.
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    Nooooo just saw it is only new
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    I really wanted to focus on a good investment and pay off for the eminence ability. I want people to be really worried about their creatures dying. I feel a little concerned about the whole self mill thing though, mind you there are better reanimaters.
  • image

    I hope I did not get too rusty.
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    The idea here is that this exiled druid teaches his band of fellow exiles to expand their abilities beyond their comfort zone (for druids, this would be green mana, and occasionally red); hence the eminence ability. The other two abilities are to showcase the un-greenness of this guy, particularly the last one, where he encourages his followers to embrace the dark side.

    I hope this is what you're looking for. I have never played Commander, so I'm unsure of this.

    @Mellenius: coincidentally, both of our entries have the same mana cost!
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  • Group Hug Announcement:
    As one of our Group Hug contests we want to see our fellow contests thrive. So please enter each of the following contests/challenges for a chance to win one of four premium subscriptions.

    Prizes will be awarded by @modnation675.

    1) 1st Contest: On the Prowl by @Dechujoh64
    2) "Keyword Tribal" Contest by @ningyounk
    3) Yro's Weekly Challenge - Week 1 by @Yro
    4) An EMINENT Power Approaches **Circuit Challenge** by @Dechujoh64
  • YroYro
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  • I had already made these, but why not post them?
    I forgot to write the rules for Eminence(as long as this creature is in the command zone or on the battlefield)
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  • @Dechujoh64
    Can I enter a card I made ~1 month ago to this? I didn't make it for any contests or anything, it was just a serious attempt at an Eminence card.
  • @KramipisZman Yes, you may. Because Eminence is a very hard ability to work with. Then are you willing to put more (NEW cards) in?
  • @Dechujoh64 It depends on whether or not I have any ideas that I like. I don't really want to make semi-generic cards that I'm not happy with just to pad out my entries. I think there is some interesting space left to be explored with Eminence, but I want to find it before I go all trigger happy making cards.

    Don't worry, I am looking into some promising design space right now which works very well in commander and is a completely different from every eminence design we have seen so far... :) If I like it, I'll post it later on in the contest.

    Thanks again!
  • @DoctorFro, It is only just a parlor trick, but you may, too.(put an old one in.)
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    Enchantress strategies don't currently have a reasonable commander. Karametra allows you to re-fuel your hand while playing those delicious enchantment cards.

    Karametra already exists in MTG as a character, and many people use her as an enchantress commander. The problem is, her abilities are very generic and have nothing to do with enchantments. I thought it would be nice to give people who like enchantments the leader they deserve.


    I have always wanted to make an embalm deck, but Temmet is just not a very good commander for it. Sure, he works well with the tokens, but not really embalm as a mechanic. I thought a card that gave dudes in your yard embalm would work very well for eminence. I made the mana cost to embalm compared to the card cost increase 2-generic mana since that is about the average increase in embalm abilities on actual cards.
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