Creation and card design of Homelands 2

Hey guys just in case you haven't seen me yet, I am an account created to build and design the squeal to the *cough* best *cough* set ever, Homelands.

This competition is designed to help create cards for Homelands 2.

Homelands 2 takes place on the plane Stalia. Stalia is a hostile plane with a massive desert in the middle of it which is then surrounded by forests and the forests are surrounded by the ocean. There are 5 factions the White, Red faction is the desert faction and is in the middle of Stalia. the White, Black Faction is also the desert but more black like abilities. The Black, Green faction focus on the forest that surrounds the desert. the Green, Blue faction focuses on the oceans and coastlines. and the Red, Blue faction which is Dragons.

All cards created and added to this page has a chance to be recreated by us and placed into the card pool. (Don't put cards you would mind being copied by us onto this page.)

Prizes for Bad/Interesting/Homelandish cards
1st place - a feeling of Pride
2nd place - a slightly smaller feeling of pride
3rd place - an even less feeling of pride

Judging will occur on the 1st of April.

Ground Rules

1. Cards must be new creations
2. Cards must be bad but also interesting
3. Any number of cards may be submitted

Examples of cards:


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