Create a Faction - Then Battle for Glory (Entries Closed)

Hey fellas! In this contest, I was thinking you would each create a faction (example coming up). Then, once your faction is made, I will send a weekly contest out. All the cards in these contests should symbolize your crated faction. The winner of the faction gets 3 points, second places gets 2, and third gets 1. By the end of the contest (still undetermined), the faction with the most points wins.
1st: A follow and 8 favorites, or 10 favorites.
2nd: A follow and 5 favorites, or 8 favorites.
3rd: A follow and 3 favorites, or 5 favorites. Third place also gets to pick an honorable mention.
Honorable Mention: 3 Favorites

1. Name
2. Colors (one-three)
3: Theme (what do they do. For example, spells matter)
4: Mechanics (one-two)
5: Story and flavor (optional).

ENTRIES CLOSED! If you have not already entered, you can't now. Sorry guys : (


  • Dibs on assassins lol
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    1. Hyjack (Hyena + Jackal)
    2. White, Black, & Red
    3: Form a cackle (a group of hyenas is called a cackle).
    4: Exert
    5: At least one of these should be clear. They live on Amonkhet.
  • 1. Mistlurkers (Elemental + Subtype)
    2. Green-Blue (possibly black)
    3. Appear and disappear with little warning; can cause massive destruction in short periods of time.
    4. Flash, Vanishing
    5. They live in a traveling mist. They come in all shapes and sizes, but are mostly non-humanoid.
  • Latze Battalion (Zombies + Vampires)
    2. Red- Black
    3. German Battalion
    4. Haste, Regeneration <-- Mana effect not actual thing like haste
    5. The last WWII German Battalion
  • 1) Dwarves (Tribe/Faction name coming soon)
    2) Mainly Red, a bit of white thrown into it too
    3) Build a fortress, stash some gold in it, and set traps around. Good defensive options, artifacts
    4) Metalcraft, fortify
    5) Story and flavor will come with the cards. I havn't thought of anything right now
  • @Monokuma15
    Try to keep within the lore/possibilities of the MTG multiverse. I think that the last army of Nazi troops is breaking Forth Wall a bit too much.
  • The Silverthorn Kinship


    Anthems and tokens

    Legion- When this {permanent type} enters the battlefield, for each creature you
    control, {effect}.
    Dominate- {If/ As long as} you control more permanents than each other player,

    A massive alliance of wolf packs that separated themselves from red mana, aligning
    with white. This created bonds between each member far stronger then before,
    forming a need for an ever-larger pack- and making their power increase
    exponentially with numbers.
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    @Tigersol What if their MAGICAL nazis from Innistrad and Nazi stands for Nice And Zealous Individuals?
  • @KrampisZman
    "Zealous" if you wanna be a grammar nazi.
  • @modnation675 I can't believe my word processing program didn't catch that.
  • @Tigersol
    When will the first challenge be?
  • @Chasmfiend
    Maybe in a week... I dunno. I'll wait for more people to sign up.
  • The Collective

    Green/Blue - Mutants and Shapeshifters

    Evolve and Modal

    The idea is that they're utility and that they're able to adapt to the game state. Very midrange/tempo. Basically the Simic Combine but the focus is less on counters.

  • Hey, @Tigersol, I have a question. When it says "mechanics:1-2" does that include already existing mechanics?
  • @captain_Pugsley
    Yup, you can use any mechanic, new or existing.
  • 1. Seraphs of the Tenshikari
    2. Primary - White, Secondary - Black, Red
    3. A race of angelic beings who come to the aid of devout and pious.
    4. Miracle and Devotion
    5. The Seraphs of the Tenshikari are the divine protectors of the Tenshikari. They are sentinels, counselors, parishioners, missionaries, and crusaders. They are kind to the devout, and vicious to all others. If one worships the Tenshikari, and through that, the Seraphs themselves, they will fight to the last breath to protect them. However, if one turns their back on the word of the divine, or follows a different path and rejects the Tenshikari, no plane will provide safety from the Seraph's wrath.
  • @KrampisZman You should re edit your Zealous comment to include the original typo.
  • Are we aloud a 2nd faction?
  • @Yro
    Sorry, but no.
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    Shadows of the Night


    Silent/Snipe (I dont know what to call it)... - (cost) ((cost) tap this creature, this creature does not untap during your next untap step. During the delcare attackers phase of combat this creature deals damage equal to its power to target creature.)
    I know it needs to be reworded, but that is the idea.

    The faction: This is a regime of archers...they are mainly assassins, but if provoked they can be deadly in a fight hand to hand and espicially from a distance. Their ability represents their deadliness when making a kill. :)
  • 1. Talik (Bunnies)
    3.They try to create peace in the world while trying to get rid of the evil cats (no offense cat lovers) and one evil bunny Hershey.
    4.Spring (When you cast this spell, you may cast a card from your hand that costs less without paying its mana cost.)
    Energetic (Whenever this creature becomes tapped, (effect)
    5. Coming soon!
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    1. The Wanderers (Shapeshifters)
    2. Mainly White/Blue/Black
    3: A race of changelings who like to copying another things, then remade and improve them if possible for their own gains, or to help the others. Morally, they're more likely neutral good instead of neutral evil.
    4: Changeling and Hive mind (Other creatures you control with the same type have the abilities of this creature.)
    5: A faction that resided in an unnamed world, founded by a brilliant shapeshifter-planeswalker who came from the plane Lorwyn/Shadowmoor. Their goals are to create worlds for their own species and to gather knowledge from the other species to propel themselves towards the next evolutionary steps and beyond. To be able to do it, they have the access to create connection to another planes via stolen Phyrexian portal gateways that powered by the aether. (Kinda like the Slivers but with significantly higher intellect.)
  • All entries are due by Tuesday!
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    1.) The Rajhaka Tribe (Shamans with the aid of Elementals)
    2.) Blue and Green
    3.) They believe in ancient spirits that live in everything from trees, plants, the waters, and the air itself. Mechanically, they care about face down creatures
    4.) Manifest and a bit of morph.
    5.) See number 3

    I have actually made a bunch of cards for this tribe already, but I kind of dropped it after only a few cards and they weren't that balanced so I'm hoping to rework those cards!
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    1) Arcadia (A city Inspired by video games, mostly human but there are other creatures there too)
    2) white/blue
    3) Arcadia belives in being as high up as you can be in a social hierarchy. This is done with the usage of the 'Level Up' mechanic. The more levels a creature has, the stronger and more better off they are.
    4) Level Up - (COST/CONDITION) Put a level counter on this creature. *Creature gains benifits based on the number of level counters it has*
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    Please excuse my memes.

    People don't like factions created to be terrible conspiracy theories.
  • Wow, these factions are looking awesome! : D
  • @KrampisZman I knew it that all the JEWs need to be put into concentration camps and gas chambers.

    Jk lol.
  • @Sanjaya666
    Ohhhhhhhh noooooooooo.
    That's a little too far, don't you think?
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