Yro's Weekly Challenge: Week 2 (Closed)

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What these weekly challenges are and how to participate:
- You have three options a week to pick from.
- You can post up to 3 entries total (It doesn't matter which option(s) you submit a card for.
- Create new cards for these challenges.
- This is just for fun, but I do select one winner for each category and keep a running total.
- Some options are easy, while some are challenging. They could be anything.

- Spotlight Friendly

- One winner per option per week.
- Winners get X favorites of their choice, where X is the number of entries they beat for that option.
- Top winners participate in my annual champions' challenge in December for multiple rewards.

Current Win Total
@Faiths_Guide: 1
@sorinjace: 1
@KalamMekhar: 1

Options for this week:

Option (A): Create a Praetor.

Option (B): Create a Tribal Sorcery card.

Option (C): Create a card that fits in Duel Decks Anthology, Divine vs. Demonic

You have until 11:59 PM on March 9 to submit up to 3 total cards.


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