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So here we are, Back to Alteria here Will be the Official Forum posting for Battles of Alteria. Here you can find everything From the full lore to the set rules, so with that lets get started.


Ecumenopolis the city if guilds, It seemed like a wondrous treasure among the desolate Multiverse. But it was not to last. Many years after the establishment of the guildpact the city itself was falling apart, and the magic that held the guilds apart would soon be lost to the madness deep within the guild halls, Some had even heard rumors of hostility and murder between the guilds, So the Azorius Senate decided that through the use of New found Izzet technology they would find a new resource rich plain to establish a new age of the Great Plane Ravnica so Niv Mizzet himself searched the multiverse with the aid of the planeswalker Jace Beleren and soon found a Vast Manarich plane this plane was soon dubbed Alteria by the highest powers in the Senate.

Four of the Ten guilds of Ravnica were sent to explore and collect resources from the New plane, the guilds that were chosen were The Izzet League, The Simic Combine, The Selesnya Conclave and last The Gruul Clans, All seemed well and ravnica would soon rise to it's wondrous state again, Or so they thought. Well still on the plain of ravnica Jace felt a disturbing presence this presence would soon cause him to leave Ravnica without notice. But as Jace was the means of transport for Guilds to traverse between Ravnica and Alteria. The people of the guilds were left helpless on the vast desolate plane, It wasn't long before The guilds parted and forged two alliances. The alliance of Tezairia(Izzet/Simic) and The alliance of Alfehier(Gruul/Selesnya).

Three months after the loss of Ravnica The Guilds were starting to learn that they might not get back, they had set up cities and started to prosper. But this new found peace was not to last a mining dispute started a rage between alliances the Both alliances had found a Massive Monochrome orb near the heart of the plane, Even though still questioning what it was, or what its true purpose was, both sought to claim it, this would be the first of many small battles that would soon start the war. Unknown to Alfehier, Tezairia was studying this orb and others found like it. they still didn't know what it was, but they knew it had a greater pupose.

What had once been peace had now turned to war, with both alliances and the guilds within them pushing they're abilities and knowledge past all limits known. Both alliances had forgotten the sake of Ravnica and turned they're unfocused minds towards the destruction of each other. With their greater purpose still unknown to them, Tezairia and Alfehier knew. that only one of them could serve it

[This is all i have right now, this stuff is more difficult than you think]

So, Every good set needs cards, but not all cards can make the cut so, here's the rules

~Give Artists Credit.
~Keep it fresh, If you see Something already done don't make the same thing
~Make all kinds of everything, Multiple entries are accepted
~When Submitting use this format

[CARD NAME HERE] [CARD TYPE HERE(Instant, Creature Etc.)] [LINK] Whatever else you want to say.

And i think that sums that up, So guys lets see what you can do, Surprise me!

Comment below on your opinions, or just stuff you wanna say. If you have Lore ideas, or even new storylines Email me at [email protected]

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