Double or Nothing! (Closed)(Winners Posted!)

In preperation for Masters 25, I have been glancing through some of the older cards in my collection. It was here, in my cards from Kamigawa, that I found this guy:


To most people it may not look like much. Just a Legendary Creature, but to me it is a masterpiece in design. It knowingly breaks the legend rule, to its own advantage. Something you don't see at all in modern magic. This is why I've decided to make this contest. Your challenge here is to make a Legendary Permanent that breaks the legend rule for some kind of advantage.

In classic contest fashion, here are the criteria:
● The card must be legendary (It can be a creature, enchantment, artifact, or land)
● It must grant an advantage for breaking the Legend Rule.
● NO OLD CARDS (So no cards made before March 4th)
● Limit of 3 entries PER CARDSMITHSMITH
● Entries due March 20th

The card will be judged on:
● How well it meets the criteria (5pts)
● Creativity/Formatting (8pts)
● Artwork (If it relates to the card at all) (2pts)
Please note that I will be VERY picky when it comes to creativity and formatting, so be warned.

And the last important piece of information,
● 1st place: Follow, 5 favorites on cards of THEIR CHOICE
● 2nd place: 3 favorites on cards of THEIR CHOICE
● 3rd place: 1 favorite on a card of THEIR CHOICE

Also, if you finish your entries for this contest, consider checking out my other contest, All Aboard! It ends March 20th as well, so you have time for both of them

But in the meantime, Have Fun Smithing!!!


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  • Wanted to make a simple entry

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    Entry #1:
  • image

    Is this valid? On IPads “ becomes â
  • @shadow123
    Sure! You just need to add some kind of boost that the other duplicates get.
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    Cher and Belle, Royal Twins
    First entry!
  • @Tbeast430 the boost is getting more legendary creatures without them being sacrificed.
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    I'm surprised every entry so far is an 'exactly two' version.
  • @brainfuer
    Well it's probably because the example was "exactly two"
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    Never before have I felt the text box being so small.
  • image

    You asked for more than two, you got it!
  • image

    Yes, it is incredibly difficult to get three of these guys on the battlefield at once (Rite of Replication works), but with three of them you get SIX extra combats in a single turn, which is definitely worth it.
  • @TheCenterOfTheUniverse
    It would be easier to word it as 'As long as there are three or less'
  • @Tbeast430 the point is that you must have exactly three. So you need to cheat two in play at once, and you only get the bonus with three, not with two.
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    Okay, I get it now. That's actually pretty clever. But even so, it is REALLY OP.
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    Only 1 week left to submit your entries!
  • image

    There's my entry!
  • @pjbear2005 i like your entry
  • I made a flip card with the same character with a different title for the Counter Contest
  • Entries close tomorrow at noon! Last call to submit a card.
  • The contest is now closed for judging.
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    This was a fun contest to host, and to judge. Out of the 10 entries, there were a lot of good ones, and there was a close tie for 3rd. Because of this, I decided to add a 4th place, which will get the same prize as third.

    *4th Place*
    @TheCenterOfTheUniverse with The Silent Champions!
    This is a unique card, but even with how overpowered it is, it provides strict criteria for the extra combat phases.

    *3rd Place*
    @Shadow123 with Tashi and Annie, Dragontwins!
    I really liked this entry. Even though it is a weak creature, It gives you the ability to make another one of your creatures even stronger. One of the benefits of this card, is that it is only 1 red mana, and it's ability is only one mana.

    *2nd Place*
    @Jonteman93 with Maliin and Eveliin!
    This card is very unique. It gives you the ability to choose from 1 of 2 abilities every turn, and if you control two copies of it, you can activate one of them twice, or both! Another benefit to this card is that it gives you the ability to use 2 copies as your commander, and gives them Partner if you do.

    And finally:

    *1st Place!!!
    @KalamMeckhar with Ringwraith
    This. Card. Is. AMAZING! It lets you make 9 creatures that progressively get stronger, starting as a 2/2, then a 3/3, 4/4, and so on. It also comes fully equipped with a way to bypass the '4-copies-per-deck' rule (Which is pretty cool too). The only thing that could make this card better is a reference to a popular book/movie series... Maybe one about a ring... That features 9 fallen human kings...

    Honorable Mentions
    These are cards that did not score enough to make it into the top 4, but I feel were good enough to warrant a shout-out. These will all get a favorite on their entry.

    @Animist with Twinfang
    The ONLY non-creature card entered, and its a pretty cool one at that.

    @Shadow123 with Azaki, of the Second Realm
    This is cool, simply because it dissolves the 'legend rule' altogether, kind-of like what Hall of Mirrors did.

    @Branifyer with Ita Leon, Face of the Faceless
    I just like how this adds a special criterion to break the 'Legend Rule', and it behaves like Hall of Mirrors as well.

    All in all, this was a successful contest, and I had a lot of fun with it.

    Finally, here is an updates copy of the prizes for everyone who won.
    ● 1st place: Follow, 5 favorites on cards of THEIR CHOICE
    ● 2nd place: 3 favorites on cards of THEIR CHOICE
    ● 3rd place: 1 favorite on a card of THEIR CHOICE
    ● 4th place: 1 favorite on a card of THEIR CHOICE
  • @pjbear2005
    You had a good entry. It was a very good attempt.
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