Cowboys and Indians

Yeehaw folks! It's time to either saddle up or practice hitting cowboy targets with Indians! Choose your side wisely, this will determine the prizes!!

Are you team Cowboy or team Indian? You decide! Here are the rules:

1. Cardsmiths can enter a maximum of 7 entries or less.
2. You can only choose Cowboys or Indians. Whichever you choose, you can make any card you wish for it as long as the theme relates to your chosen side. (ex. land, creature, vehicle, equipment, artifact, enchantment, instant, sorcery, etc.) no changing sides after your 1st entry.
3. You can edit the cards anytime up to the end of the contest.
4. You can design with custom mechanics or already existing mechanics/abilities however you deem fit; be creative! Have you ever played cowboys and Indians before or watched old westerns? Imagine them as today's magic the gathering cards! How this contest shapes out is up to all of you!
5. New cards please.
6. Credit the artists please.
7. This contest ends in 15 days, March 20th 2018 by 7pm eastern standard time USA.

*spotlight friendly* please support other cardsmiths if they enter this contest and are new to the forums (if this is you, then welcome!) if you want to spotlight a lesser known cardsmith on here thats ok! make sure to leave their username for us to go check their cards out.

The team with the most points will win this contest. Points will be awarded as follows: Balance of the card, Proper word text on the card, how flavourful
the card is, flavor text of the card (does it fit the card nicely), crediting of the artist and how cool the artwork is.

If your team wins, I will give all of that teams members a follow, favorite each of their entries and each team member of the winning team will get to pick 3 cards of their choice for me to favorite!
If i already follow you then you can pick 4 cards instead for me to favorite.
Good luck to you all, and be as creative as you wish!!!!!!!

Here is some examples:


So... Are you Cowboys... Or are you Indians?


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    Where we're goin' @sorinjace, there are roads... Dirt roads. (Looks out to the far desert plain.)
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    Team Indians
    Using @TenebrisNemo's mechanic.
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    Langundo and Domona
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    Having a hard time finding the artists on some of these :(
    Rain Dance
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    My first two entries on Team Cowboys! Yeehaw! Both may get tweaked some before the contest ends.

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  • Oh this is too sweet! Keep them coming guys! omg it's like mcdonalds here, im lovin' it!
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    Happy with this one!
    Adnan, Insane Cultist
  • For inspiration, I figured people should know Lorado exists as a set and basically covered this idea.
  • Oh wow, thank you for that link @Arceus8523! I didn't know it existed. There are some really cool cards in that set! How did you come across it?
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    Here are my first three. on team cowboys.
    The rest will come at an unknown high noon.
  • @sorinjace
    I make most of my cards using magic set editor nowadays and post the sets to planesculptors, where Lorado was one of the featured sets.
  • That was a great reference, I hope people check it out and then get influenced to make their own ideas (as you said, get influenced by it) thank you for sharing that on here seriously. Can you send a link to your own cards you have made on there, if you don't mind sharing? I'd like to check your other cards out. (Just out of curiousity but are you going to make a submission to this contest as well? If you do, thank you ahead of time!)
  • by the way @Tomigon that is a great use of @TenebrisNemo's mechanic. Same to you, @Dechujoh64! I'm excited about the Sight ability. I want to create a card using it now :)
  • @sorinjace
    I might enter. I'm a bit low on inspiration. I'm pouring all my mental power into selecting cards for Tribal Masters, a custom Masters Set I'm designing, right now.
  • @Arceus8523, cool, be looking forward to seeing what you come up with if you get time to enter!
  • darnit, X is supposed to be the sacrificed creatures power
  • @MagicalMagic:
    It's ok! You can edit as much as you need to on the contest, we all make mistakes! :) I made a mistake in my "The Owls Are Gathering" contest with my Mother Owl and it was too late to go back and fix the card on the contest, but I fixed it anyways. The cards abilities text was incorrect, and I didn't spell Birds with a capital B. It happens man, no sweat. Can't wait to see your other entries as well!
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    Fixed!! Changed a bit for flavor.
    Adnan, Mad Doctor
  • also @Dechujoh64, you should enter your vehicle into @Tbeast430's contest, the 'All Aboard!' contest :)
  • wow @MagicalMagic, that card is great for mana, I can imagine it being ran with Eldrazi's even due to the amount of colorless/waste mana it has the potential to produce! Good work!
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    4th entry!
    Apprentice Bonesummoner
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    Entry 5.
    Native Naturalist
  • 3rd Entry. The west was won at a certain time of day...

  • YEE HAW, PARD'NER! I hear theres gold in these dem parts... and I'm bout to make me rich!
  • 1st Entry - Cowboys
  • Spotlight Entry for Indians@Hyathon
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    My new first entry for team cowboys (I didn't like the other 2 I made, so I just decided to start over).


    The Standoff mechanic is supposed to represent what happens in a real life standoff. As one man shoots, the others shoot as well. You never know who is going to take damage! (well actually you kind of do. Because it tells you in the mechanic ability). It also deals damage to the creature using the ability as well, so you can take out weak blockers, in exchange for having a weaker attacker.
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