Wanna Play a Game? Playoffs 1-4 (Closed)

I plan to do these as often as I can, based on attendance.

Here's what we are doing:

It is a single elimination playoffs. Entrants will be bracketed off to compete in 1 vs. 1 games. Each round will present a challenge for a card to create. You are allowed 1 entry and can edit until all players have submitted their entry. The judge will select one winner per matchup. The winners advance to the next round.

- Winners of each round get favorites of their choice. If you win in Round 1, you get 1 favorite of your choice. If you win in Round 2, you get 2 more favorites of your choice. If you win in Round 3, you get 3 additional favorites of your choice.
- Also, returning players that lost in the first round and the 2nd place finisher of the previous playoffs (If he or she returns to the next playoffs) get to propose a challenge for the next playoffs' first round, I will select 1 these to be the first round's challenge. I select the following 2 rounds challenges.
- The 1st Place Finisher has the choice of being the judge/example provider in the next playoffs. If they opt out, I will judge. This keeps things nice and spicy.


  • I'm in. :)
  • Got yuh, feel free to tag anyone you think would want to do this.
  • Count me in
  • We should do eight or sixteen to add to the fervor
  • @DoctorFro Yep I plan to, just testing the waters for the first one!!
  • Ah, okay
  • Should I reorganize my details? They look like an unglued card
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    I'm going to talk to @dechujoh64 about this one, I'm sure he'd be in too :) Can you count him in as well @jpastor?
  • @sorinjace All right let's do this.
  • Got yuh Dechujoh. Need uno mas!
  • ha ha sweet
  • Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. let's do this my dudes
  • Got yuh Yro. Alright, gimme a few minutes.
  • Round 1 Pairings:
    @sorinjace VS @Yro
    @DoctorFro VS @Dechujoh64

    Let's pay tribute to my favorite planeswalker, Chandra. Create a Chandra Planeswalker card. No old cards.

    You have up to 3 days to submit an entry. After the last player submits, we proceed to judging and no more editions can be made. You can edit until the final player submits. If you do not submit or you withdraw before 3 days, you forfeit. Winners advance and get 1 favorite token (To be used as currency at any point on a card of your choice.)
  • awe man, @dechujoh64, he's going to like this challenge ;) and off we go! Good luck to everyone, this should be fun. :)
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    and we're OFF and running.
    Here is my Newest Chandra.(This is for the contest.)

    also I want to show off the other two Chandra(s) that I have made. You can really see the difference.


    Funny enough that they all drop in with 3 loyalty counters.
    The weird thing is that I have made three of her but yet do not play her.
  • If you are having trouble posting your cards, here is a link to help post your submissions:
    thank you @modnation675 for this helpful link!
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    Set the world on fire...
  • I'd like to reserve a spot in the next game as well please @jpastor thank you!
  • @jpastor, I'd like to reserve a spot in the next game
  • @jpastor me three for a reserved spot.
  • edited March 9
    Got yuh sorinjace, Tbeast, dechujoh, and DoctorFro for the spot reservations. Waitin on Yro's submission to conclude Round 1. Meantime, here is my newly created Chandra.
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    I've never been big fan Chandra (Because of how archetype specific her cards seem to be (For me at least (Because I'm not the best at deck-building))), but that is a pretty good card.
  • YroYro
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    Since you wanted to pay tribute to your favorite planeswalker, I wanted to pay tribute to one of my favorite red creatures!
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    Thanks guys, round 1 is done. Here is the Championship round pairing. I hope my judging skills improve cuz this wasn't easy. If you are in the 2nd round, congrats, you earned yourself a favorite token (To be used like a credit. Turn it in to me at any point in time for a favorite on a card of your choice.)

    @sorinjace (1-0) vs @DoctorFro (1-0)

    Final Round Challenge: Create an artifact that uses charge counters.
    Final Round Rewards: 2 Favorite tokens to the winner.

    You have 3 days to submit a card. If you are first to submit, you can edit up until your opponent submits his or her card.

    Here is my cheesy example themed after the Independence Day ships' primary weapon:
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    Currently at 4/8 spots for the next game. Post a comment to reserve your spot in the next game, which will commence shortly after the current round finishes assuming we have 8 entrants.
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