Wanna Play a Game? Playoffs 1-4 (Closed)

I plan to do these as often as I can, based on attendance.

Here's what we are doing:

It is a single elimination playoffs. Entrants will be bracketed off to compete in 1 vs. 1 games. Each round will present a challenge for a card to create. You are allowed 1 entry and can edit until all players have submitted their entry. The judge will select one winner per matchup. The winners advance to the next round.

- Winners of each round get favorites of their choice. If you win in Round 1, you get 1 favorite of your choice. If you win in Round 2, you get 2 more favorites of your choice. If you win in Round 3, you get 3 additional favorites of your choice.
- Also, returning players that lost in the first round and the 2nd place finisher of the previous playoffs (If he or she returns to the next playoffs) get to propose a challenge for the next playoffs' first round, I will select 1 these to be the first round's challenge. I select the following 2 rounds challenges.
- The 1st Place Finisher has the choice of being the judge/example provider in the next playoffs. If they opt out, I will judge. This keeps things nice and spicy.


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