Return of the Kaiju: Pacific Rim 2 Hype (Closed)

As we all know by now, I am the guy who recreates movie cards and stuff. Weelllllll, I'm a huge Kaiju nut and I dug Pacific Rim. Since Pacific Rim 2 is releasing at the end of the month, I thought we could create a month-long thread designated to all Kaiju creature cards and a few noncreature cards featuring Kaiju in the artwork. Feel free to expand beyond Pacific Rim. I will make a custom set with the top card of each specifically named monster (ie: The best Godzilla card) For those of you who suck at life and don't know what a kaiju is - it's a godzilla sized creature.... an emrakul... Okay anything bigger than a solid 400K 2-story house qualifies as a kaiju for this challenge. New or Old cards are savvy!

Each card you make that I include in my set equals 1 favorite token (to be used as a credit that you can turn in at any point in time for a favorite on any card new or old.)


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