Play or Draw? (Winners posted)

So you are at a draft and you roll the die to see who gets to pick to go first, and you win the roll. Now as you all probably know you can go first and "play", or you can go second and "draw". Which do you do. (Does not decide your team)

This is a team competition.

You can be on team Play. Which is playing instead of drawing is going first and not drawing. Your objective is to make a card that rewards you for going first and not drawing.


You can be on team Draw. Which is drawing instead of playing (so you go second) and you draw. Your objective yo make a card that rewards you for going second.

Once you pick your team I prefer you stay with it, but you can switch just none of your entries will be counted for your old team.

The deadline is in three weeks...I may extend it

The winning team gets favorites on all submitted cards.

1st place has to be from the winning team and they get a follow and 3 favs of their choice. If i am already following extra fav.
2nd (from the losing team) gets 2 favs of their choice or a follow.
3rd (from the winning team) gets 1 fav and a follow ( if I am already following extra follow)
HM: from any team gets 1 fav.


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