Favorite Card(s) from Each Standard Set

I'd love to see what each person's favorite non-masterpiece card(s) are in each standard-legal set. Here are mine:
Kaldesh: Chandra, Torch of Defiance
Aether Revolt: Paradox Engine
Amonkhet: Liliana, Death's Magesty
Hour of Devastation: Nicol Bolas. God Pharaoh
Ixalan: Carnage Tyrant
Rivals of Ixalan: Timestream Navigator


  • Interesting! For me it would be like so:

    Kaladesh: Panharmonicon
    Aether Revolt: Baral, Chief of Compliance
    Amonkhet: Approach of the Second Sun
    Hour of Devastation: Nicol Bolas, God-Pharoah (duh!)
    Ixalan: Search for Azcanta//Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin
    Rivals of Ixalan: Kumena, Tyrant of Orazca
  • Every Set I've ever played standard with:
    Return to Ravnica: The Shocklands
    Gatecrash: The other 5 Shcoklands
    Dragon's Maze: Give//Take
    M14: Elvish Mystic
    Theros: Elspeth, Sun's Champion (or Thassa, God of the Sea)
    Born of the Gods: Hero of Iroas
    Journey into Nyx: Grim Guardian
    M15: Diffusion Sliver
    Khans of Tarkir: Savage Punch
    Fate Reforged: Kholagan, Storm's Fury
    Dragons of Tarkir: Ojutai's Command
    Magic Origins: Jace, Vyrn's Prodigy
    Battle for Zendikar: Makindi Sliderunner
    Oath of the Gatewatch: This set is the worst. Stormchaser Mage... I suppose.
    Shadows Over Innistrad: Insolent Neonate
    Eldritch Moon: Otherworldy Outburst
    Kaladesh: Pia Nalaar
    Aether Revolt: Maverick Thopterest
    Amonkhet: Drake Haven
    Hour of Devastation: Ambuscade
    Ixalan: Ripjaw Raptor
    Rivals of Ixalan: Ghalta, Primal Hunger
    Dominaria: Phyrexian Scriptures
  • Hmm, you've got me thinking. From a limited perspective, my picks would be different:

    Kaladesh: Snare Thopter (I often first pick this)
    Aether Revolt: Fatal Push
    Amonkhet: Gust Walker
    Hour of Devastation: Appeal//Authority
    Ixalan: Dreadmaw! Ok no, Territorial Hammerskull, actually
    Rivals of Ixalan: Dreadmaw! Joking again. I'd say Profane Procession. I've not seen many things that end a game of limited faster.

    (Dreadmaw is decent, though)

  • Kaladesh: Iron League Steed
    Aether Revolt: Negate
    Amonkhet: Merciless Javelineer
    Hour of Devastation: Supreme Will
    Ixalan: Huartli's Spurring
    Rivals of Ixalan: Dire Fleet Neckbreaker
  • @Yro Iron League Steed? Really?
  • Goin far left field

    Aether revolt: Paradox engine
    Amonket: Hazoret the Fervent
    Hour of Devastation: The scarab God
    Ixalan: Revel in riches
    Rivals of Ixalan: Azor's gateway
  • @Bobman111
    How about Kaladesh? Did you have a fav from that?
  • @Arceus8523
    I wasn't playing then
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    Shadowmoor: Godhead of Awe

    that will be all
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    This card brought me so many victories and prizes, and a ticket to the biggest tournament in Japan. Unfortunately I only drew lands in that tournament.
    I was using WU control deck. It was one of the most popular deck type at that time, but no one was using Twitch. I always like to use cards that no one uses, so I put one Twitch in my deck.
    Once they see Twitch, it makes them think they should pass the turn with 3 untapped lands instead of 2. Because Twitch can tap the land they want to use for Counter Spells.
    Twitch can make your opponent slow or let you cast important cards(Titan, JtMS) safely, but also stop Titan's attack trigger, tap opponent's creature and kill it with Gideon Jura, untap your Ratchet Bomb.. It was super useful.
  • YroYro
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    @KrampisZman Couple with Panharmonicon and Reckless Fireweaver. Made for the cheapest one hit KO deck I've ever made.
  • Kaladesh: Electrostatic Pummeler
    Aether Revolt: Narnam Renegade
    Ahmonket: Magma Spray
    HOU: Abrade
    Ixalan: None (I didn’t really care for the set as a whole)
    Rivals: Ravenous Chupacabra
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    Kaldesh: Self-Assembler
    Aether Revolt: Caught in the Brights
    Amonkhet: Neheb, the Worthy
    Hour of Devastation: Neheb, the Eternal
    Ixalan: Revel in Riches
    Rivals of Ixalan: Rekindling Phoenix
  • @Faiths_Guide , fun fact about Neheb: his appearance in both Amonkhet sets creates a continuity error in the plot for that block.

    Kaladesh: Long-Finned Skywhale
    Aether Revolt: Hidden Stockpile
    Amonkhet: Hapatra, Vizier of Poisons
    Hour of Devastation: God-Pharaoh's Gift
    Ixalan: Ripjaw Raptor
    Rivals of Ixalan: Zacama, Primal Calamity, my new Commander
  • @platypusburger
    A continuity error in what war?
  • @Faiths_Guide Finally someone understands my love for treasure.
  • @Platypusburger
    Intrigue! What/how?
    (I only like him 'cause he's a legendary Minotaur with cool abilities.)
  • @Arceus8523 @Platypusburger In the story, they mention that Neheb had gone through the trials when Samut and Djeru were kids when they saw his Eternal form in front of them.

    Personally, I always thought that we were seeing him right after he finishes the last trial on his way to go get murdered by Hazoret on the weird sacrifice altar thing.

    We have seen cards representing past/dead characters and events in sets before, so I don't think having an important character during the introduction to a world is that big of an issue, since he isn't in the story until he is dead.
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    @Faiths_Guide , @Arceus8523

    @KrampisZman scooped me, but yes. In the story he's supposed to have died roughly ten or so years before the events of Amonkhet block, but he's got a card that would seem to indicate that he's alive and well at least at the point that the Gatewatch arrive. So he's alive in the cards and dead in the story.

    I agree that the original plan was probably to have him die at the end of the Trials in Amonkhet's storyline, then become an Eternal to make the narrative connection in Hour of Devastation, but the story got rewritten, he was dropped from the first set, and his death date was moved. Someone somewhere must have missed the continuity error that creates.
  • KLD: Rashmi, Eternities Crafter

    Rashmi is one of my favourite Commanders I've ever used, and she's the only 'Noki remembers and liked this' kind of card from Kaladesh.

    AER: Paradox Engine

    It's pretty obvious why I like this. I like using it in Elf-based EDH decks so I can reuse my mana-dorks indefinitely.

    AKH: Bounty of the Luxa

    This is the only card I remember fondly from Amonkhet. I like the semi-versatility.

    HOU: Neheb, the Eternal

    I really like how this guy works. No matter what, you're getting some value. If he dies attacking, they still lose life. If he survives, you get Mana. It's just fun.

    XLN: Vona, Butcher of Magan

    Vona is very interesting to me. In some sort of WB life-swing deck, she's almost infinite removal.

    RIX: Path of Mettle

    This card is so janky, I can't help but love it. It's RW keywords tribal, which is just fun to build around, and then it's just removal. It's just interesting to me.
  • My favorite cards in every set I've played with.

    Return to Ravnica: Archeon of Triumvirate
    Gatecrash: Arulia, the War Leader
    Dragons Maze: Breaking//Entering
    Theros: Ordeal of Puphoros
    Journey into Nyx: Worst Fears
    M15: Soul of New Phyrexia
    Dragons of Tarkir: Mirror Mockery
    Origins: Jace, Vryn's Prodigy
    Eldrich Moon: Decimator of the Provinces
    Rivals of Ixalan: Ghalta, Primal Hunger (I actually got a foil version of this at the RIX prerelease)
  • Hmm...

    Kaladesh: Salivating Gremlins
    Aether Revolt: Renegade Rallier
    Amonkhet: Rhonas' Champion
    Hour of Devastation: The Locust God!
    Ixalan: Chart a Course
    Rivals of Ixalan: Brass' Bounty

    Salivating Gremlins and Brass' Bounty were part of one of my first standard decks ever!

    Renegade Rallier is part of my current standard warriors tribal deck.

    I just REALLY like Rhonas' Champion's effect.

    Locust God was one of my first fully functional commanders!

    I run a playset of Chart a Course in one of my modern decks 'cause its super useful in decks with cheap and evasive creatures!
  • Kaladesh: Filigree Familiar
    Aether Revolt: Exquisite Archangel
    Amonkhet: Approach of the Second Sun
    Hour of Devastation: Torment of Hailfire
    Ixalan: Mavren Fein, Dusk Apostle
    Rivals of Ixalan: Tendershoot Dryad
  • Kaladesh: Authority of the Consuls or Chandra, Torch of Defiance (it has won me a tournament)
    Aether Revolt: Mechanized Production
    Amonkhet: Bounty of the Luxa
    Hour of Devastation: Liliana’s Defeat
    Ixalan: Raging Swordtooth
    Rivals of Ixalan: Brass’s Bounty
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