Duel of Duals!

So a while back, in @KrampisZman 's Flash Contest, I had requested something which I didn't think I saw enough of: I asked for a novel ETB untapped dual land. @Platypusburger came up with a really interesting card for that request (check it out!). I then realised how few dual lands are made by cardsmiths here. So I'm out to change that!

Your assignment is simple: make a dual land. It should either have a clause that allows it to enter the battlefield untapped (shocklands, checklands, etc) barring which it enters tapped or it should enter untapped at all times but have some condition to balance it (painlands, filter lands, etc). In terms of power level, it should lie between the Alpha duals (no downside) and the uncommon ETB tapped duals (Meandering River, etc).

Rules are the usual, with some additional ones:

1. Old cards are allowed
2. The land's mechanic must be novel (no completing the Horizon Canopy cycle and other incomplete dual land cycles)
3. Max of two entries per cardsmith. But a thing to be noted here: one land mechanic counts as one entry (for example, all ten shocks would count as a single entry). You can make a cycle (ally, enemy, full cycle) if you want to, but all 5 or 10 cards would count as one entry. You are not required to make a cycle, unless it is necessary (i.e., if there is colour asymmetry), and not making one won't affect my judgment. A cycle would be neat, though.
4. Cards will be graded on the basis of effectiveness/usefulness, balance, flavour, art, wording, and of course creativity!
5. While it is not necessary, it would be neat if you could come up with a cool nickname for your land type (like shocklands, battlelands, fastlands, etc)!

The rewards are as follows:

1st place: 5 favourites
2nd place: 3 favourites
3rd place: 2 favourites
HM: 1 favourite

The deadline is 30th March, 11:59 PM IST.

Let the dual, er, duel, begin!


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