A Showcase of Kaladesh 2.0

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Another set that has been months in the making, I am pleased to announce another rough completion of a set, this time in the form of Kaladesh 2.0, a return to Kaladesh set!
During the events of hour of devastation and unbeknownst to the vast majority of the multiverse, an unknown force blinks Kaladesh out of the multiverse. What 250 years on Kaladesh occurs in what seems like only seconds for the rest of the multiverse! After the events of hour of devastation, Chandra planeswalks back to Kaladesh for sanctuary only to find a plane she can hardly recognize as home. Luckily for her, she does find familiar faces even so far in the plane's future. Kept alive and even youthful looking thanks to greatly advanced (and greatly controversial) medical practices, she finds many of her friends on the plane serving in what has simply been called the New Consulate, which replaced Tezzeret's consulate after the revlution. However, she also finds old enemies. Baral has been plotting revenge to take back the Consulate with the help of Kambal and Sram for literally centuries. Now it is up to Chandra to help the New Consulate maintain peace and power in an age of Kaladesh where wars are fought in a digital realm just as much as it is with fists and weapons.
-Is a large set and the only set in its block. (Henceforth known as Kaladesh 2.0 block)
-Has 264 cards. (15 basic lands, 101 commons, 80 uncommons, 53 rares, 15 mythic rares)
-Features the following mechanics:
o Program: [Text] (Widgets you control have/get [text].)
o Covert—[Cost], discard [cardname]: [Effect].
o Crew [Number] (Tap any number of creatures you control with total power [number] or more: This Vehicle becomes an artifact creature until end of turn.) (Brought back from Kaladesh block and Ixalan block.)
o Energy Counters. (Obtained from card effects and spent as a resource.) (Brought back from Kaladesh block.)
-Contains all the tokens and emblems cards in the set can create.
-Features 5 story spotlight cards to depict key events in the set's lore.
Points of Interest:
-Very heavy artifact subtheme. The set is over 50% artifacts, both colorled and colorless. (And that's if you include basic lands in the set size!)
-Brings back popular characters from Kaladesh block like Pia, Saheeli, and Baral.
-Unique, largely cyberpuk art style and feel not really seen in MTG prior.
-Brings back artifacts lands.
-Finishes the rare dual land cycle started by Nimbus Maze.
-Brings back popular cards from Kaladesh block like Panharmonicon.

If you wish to view the set, please check it out here! http://www.planesculptors.net/set/kaladesh-20#details
*If you're wondering why this takes you to a site other than MTGCS, that is because I actually used another custom card creator, Magic Set Editor, which allows for more customization options and flexibility as far as card design goes.

Feedback, positive or critical, would be greatly appreciated,. Also it would be great if you could help me to catch any spelling or wording errors in the cards. Just let me know in the comments!

Thanks for checking this out!


  • This is really cool.
  • @Tbeast430
    Thanks so much! Do you have any feedback for the set?
  • Well, I haven't looked at it too closely yet, but as soon as I do, I'll let you know!
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    Actually, on the card Nextgen Widget, Program is very vague, and I don't understand what it means. (Of course, I slept through Kaladesh so it is probably a keyword there, and I just never encountered it.)
    Overall, Nextgen Widget just seems like a mess, because of program being vague, and the flavor text being pretty much nonsensical.
    And I'm sorry if im being too nit-picky on this one card.
  • Program: [Ability] means widgets you control have/ get [ability]
  • Can I help?
  • Nvm read the rest
  • @Arceus8523
    Okay. Thanks for the clarification.
  • One more thing, you can make a 4 ability walker using the M15 template. All you have to do is just hit enter one more time after the third ability (just make sure to not be in the flavor text) and it will give you the space to add another ability. It. Gives you another loyalty cost, another line for an ability, and modifies the text box to give you more Room.
  • @Tbeas430
    I know! I used it for Emma Sync!
  • edited March 2018
    Oh. It's just that there is no shiny thing at the bottom of Emma Sync's card, so I just assumed you used the 8th edition 4 ability walker frame. Sorry for the misunderstanding!
  • @Tbeas430
    Actually I think she’s using the old frame, so I need to update her. Good catch!
  • Excellent set. I like it.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21
    Thank you so much! Any feedback?
  • There are a lot of minor, some major, typos throughout the set. I recommend just doing a card-by-card check - the red mythic that has “Whenever ~ deals combat damage to a player, Wheel of Fortune” just says “discard your and draw seven cards.”
  • Also Casual Browser is just a parasitic card - it’s an energy consumer but not a producer.
  • @Arceus8523 I played around with program a little bit and I think it should be choosing an artifact creature type rather than only widgets, I like he set though!
  • @shadow123
    I can see where you're coming from, but then I think it makes program too strong. Plus, I feel like it is most in-flavor to Widgets given their role and function on the plane.
  • @shadow123
    Any other suggestions or feedback for the set?
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