The Angelic Card Contest of Angels

Hi People!

This is my first contest that I'm hosting so I thought I would make it angels sooooo yea.
Make your cards angelic themed and submit up to 3 cards in the comments and I'll pick my 3 favorites based on creativity and details and that stuff, so have fun and Ill edit it with the link to the winners once enough people post!
1st: 4 favorites
2nd: 3 Favorites
3rd: 2 favorite
2 Honorable Mentions: 1 Favorite

Time for the winners!
First Place: Soulraise Angel, By @Faiths_Guide
Second Place: Angelic Neonate, By @TheCenterOfTheUniverse
Third Place: Healing Angel, By @Aryanf
Honorable Mention 1: Fallen Angel Of Innistrad, By @Aryanf
Honorable Mention 2: Tombstone, By @3___2___1___Boom

Congratulations to the winners!
Comment what cards you want me to favorite


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