Walk Out

I am a, 15 year old sophomore, of many high school students in the USA that at 10 this morning walked outside for 17 minutes to protest against shootings, and honor the 17 students that died in Florida.

This is not about politics; this is about trying to make a difference.

So, I want to know what your experience with it was. And why you were out there...what was your purpose for this.


  • This might not be a good forum for that topic. Magic is an old game, and a lot of the Cardsmiths on this site are going to be much older than high school age, so didn't participate in any walkout.
  • Eh, I just thought it would be nice to show that other people did it to...thought I might just put his out there @Platypusburger although thanks I will keep that in mind
  • I walked out in my Middle School
  • Yea! I am not sure if my brother did
  • During our walk out some people were gone for like 2 hours.
  • That is odd...maybe they didn’t understand the purpose of it
  • Yeah a lot of people used it as an excuse to ditch
  • Wow that is so rude
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    a bunch of kids a the school I go to sis that as well. And it is just a terrible thing to do.
  • Well I do not understand how that could possibly be racist, but that person needs to think before acting
  • Instead of a walkout my school did a thing where we went to the gym and wrote how the shooting made us feel as a letter to a politician in the gym acomponied by 7 minutes of silence
  • That is cool! Nice way to represent your voice
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