The Voting Game (Closed)

So, I got another idea for another type of game.

Let's start with 8 players per game.

Here's What We Are Doing:

- I will present a very specific, but not too fancy challenge.
- Players will submit their newly created card for the challenge within 3 days of the challenge's reveal and can edit until all entries are in. One entry per player
- Then the fun part: In secret, each player will message me and vote for their favorite card (other than their own.)
- So basically, it's a contest where everyone judges everyone.
- After each game I will open the Spot Count and accept players' request to enter for the next game. The next game will begin once all spots are filled.

P R I Z E S graciously provided by @Yro because we agreed to work together on our contests and challenges and I don't like handing out favorites.
- For each vote that you get (No matter if you had the winningest card), you get one favorite token. (A favorite of your choice that can be used at any point in time). I will keep track of these and Yro will provide you with your favorite(s) when you cash in your token(s).


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