Pirate Wars

Hi guys I'm back! (Again)

We have a new contest today!

So the idea of this contest is to pick one of the 3 pirate groups and create 1, 2 or 3 cards to match the card type for the round

There will be 4 rounds and the card type will be announced at the beginning of each round and at the end of each round I will award points to my favorite card from each group for that round and the people with the most points at the end will get rewards

So here are the groups

Blue, Green and Red
Control, +/+ Counters, Haste, Instants and Sorceries

Red, Black and White
Aggro, Haste, Discards, Lifelink

Hades Saber
Colorless, Black and White

You must stay with the same group throughout the tournament

Good luck Mateys!

Update: After 4 rounds the 5th round there will be a planeswalker round

Update: Sorry for Changing it up but instead of a rounds system you just submit cards within the time period
You can make one to three artifacts, one to three spells (Enchantments, Sorceries, Instants), one to 3 non-basic lands, one to 3 creatures (Legendary and non legendary) and 1 planeswalker

You have until March 26th to finish your cards


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