sorinjace's 6th contest: Black Creatures

Hey guys so here's a quick contest that will wrap up on March 20th same day my 'Cowboys and Indians' contest comes to an end. I want to see you guys make cards from these options:

Option A
Bat creature card

Option B
Imp creature card

Option C
Shade creature card

Option D
Insect creature card

Option E
Human Wizard creature card

Here are the rules to this challenge:

1.)Each creature card you submit for each option must at least be black. It can be more than 1 color if you wish, but it must at least be black.

2.)You are allowed up to 5 entries, but only one entry per option.

3.)New cards only.

4.)You may edit any time up until the end of the contest.

5.)Creature cards for each option MUST be AT LEAST the creature type specified, but it can be more if necessary to the card.

Here are the prizes:

3rd place: 2 favorites of their choice

2nd place: 3 favorites of their choice

1st place: 4 favorites of their choice and a follow. If I already follow you, then you will have the choice to choose to be my guest judge on my next contest! (or if you don't want to judge then I'll give you an extra favorite)

My next contest is going to be out of this world... *hint*

And as always, happy cardsmithing!

Example card:




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