Demons!!! Or demonic types from video games (example... Daemons, Daedra)

Looking to make bunch of commander decks using Demonic creatures of the most foul types. I will not be entering myself obviously as i am running out of ideas on cards to make. Post any of your newly made demonic creatures and tag me in them as well as what your making them for since I wont always be able to check here for new material.

Submissions need to be in by March 24th.

This is for fun everyone is a winner. If i like your card I Will use it in my decks. You will know what i think of it when I reply to comment. Yes i will rip them apart such as does the wording fit in the box? does it make sense? is the mana cost in the correct order (# first)? and does the power/toughness make sense with what you're abilities do (which isn't really even an issue with Demonic creatures)


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