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An Announcement from Yro (Closed)

edited March 31 in Contests and Challenges
My friends,

I received word this morning that I will be returning to Japan for work. I'll be gone 6 months to a year depending on a few things. I leave in 2 weeks. I am relatively new to these forums, but it's been super fun and I don't know if I'll be able to keep up whilst in Japan. As such I am passing along my idea of daily, weekly, and monthly challenges to my helpful friend James on these forums. He introduced me to these forums and worked for me in real life.

One last going away challenge for you.

Create a card with a Japanese theme to it. It's okay to be a bit stereotypical here, no worries. Celebrate other cultures, wooh!
Unlimited entries

- 5 favorites of your choice to the best card featuring Mount Fuji in the artwork
- 5 favorites of your choice to the best card featuring a Ninja, anime character, or Gojira

Deadline is March 31st at 11:59


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