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Yeah, fully interactive q&a + non-faq questions and comments about stuff and... *sigh*
What's up my dudes?


  • I got a question. Why is there no Create a Plane option?
  • Probably because it's never been a largely relevant thing for most MTGCS members.
  • Whoa. What happened in the last 2 hours for this to be canceled?
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    How can you tell if you are accidentally recreating someone else's card?
  • @jpastor
    As long as your card goes a step beyond the original, it's fine.
  • Okay. It's back now.
  • Hey all, I need to replenish my art collection. Can y'all post pictures here that I can click on and then go on a mad rampage in the related images and download like a 1000 more?
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    Here is a piece of art I used on a recent card. I checked out related images, and there is ALOT of good art in this style there too.

  • image



    Also if you check out TheMechanix (, we usually put an art link in the comment section of each card in case we want to edit the card later.
  • Should we start a discussion for cardsmiths to post up all their "other" accounts? Idk, just seems like if I follow Tomigon, I should also follow Tomigoon...
  • What's the difference between a card that costs {0} like Bone Saw, and a card that has no mana cost and says (Nonexistent mana costs can't be paid.)?
  • Zero as a casting cost means you can play it for free (ala Ornithopter) whereas a card with no mana cost must be played in a different manner, such as splice.
  • Where do people get the art for their cards?
  • Hey bro, we search google for stuff and just add the word art usually after our query. Plenty of good websites, but i save all my photos directly from Google Images search results.
    The last time I searched for stuff I typed in "Jumanji (2017) artwork" and just browsed stuff and clicked on all kinds of related images. Spent about 30 mins, got about 20 photos.
  • I try to stick with pinterest
  • @TigerFang8 Artstation and DeviantArt are probably the best sources since you also get the artist at the same time.
  • Thank you! Now that I know where to get real art I can start making real fake cards!
  • I literally search "Fantasy art [keyword]" in google image search every time.
  • i do EXACTLY this @atrus159 and often i search related image to the ones i like to find more.
  • What are monthly card purges? Also, what happens if I have over 750 cards with my premium and it expires... do I lose cards?
  • As long as you're active at making cards, they won't be purged.
  • @jpastor - Purges are generally when the server starts filling up. You merely need to log in every 4 to 6 months to prevent your cards from being purged. Making a card isn't even required!
  • Oh yeah, forgot.
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    @Jonteman93, @Mrbobblehead, @DoctorFro & everyone else who remembers the Tournament of Champions.

    In the previous tournament, each champion's CMC was 3 in the 1st stage, 5 in the 2nd stage, and 7 in the 3rd stage. There are some certain creature types which could seem strange to see in too high CMCs.

    I've been thinking if it would be better to have each contestant's 1st stage at 2 CMC, 2nd stage at 4 CMC and 3rd stage at 6 CMC. I would like to hear your opinions on this. If people want it, I'll change this rule in the next Tournament of Champions. If not, I will leave it untouched.

    If you have any other thoughts regarding the next tournament, then feel free to share them.
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    I like that but maybe for the first one give them the option of 1, 2, or 3

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    @DoctorFro - If that would be allowed, then I think the other stages would be allowed to change as well. After all, the champions are going to be judged by balance, artwork, flavor etc.

    1st stage - CMC of 1, 2, or 3

    2nd stage - CMC of 4, 5, or 6

    3rd stage - CMC of 7 or higher

    Or would it be fairer if every champion would be on the same CMC?

    As for the theme you mentioned in p.m... Did the previous tournament have a certain theme? Or was it considered as "normal" tournament?

    I've been thinking that this next tournament would be held in the same world. There would be same hosts and probably some new ones. Perhaps the 1st location of the matches would be different but the finals would be held in Crastine, once again.
  • @TenebrisNemo I would consider a “normal” tournament since it is the OG


    If you were to give it a theme I would say that a fitting title would be up legends like every aspect...but in that case it would not work bc if Mishra so best would be “Normal”. Or anything goes (I.e., just the legendary cresture
  • @DoctorFro - I guess I'll just do a tournament similar to the 1st one. No theme comes into my mind.
  • Yay! Still a tournament
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