Aryanf's daily hug...

Every day you have a chance to get 2 favorites by me and Ill favorite a card of your choice for another cardsmith. Everyday I'll ask you to make me something and if you win you get your choice of 2 favorites and 1 for a cardsmith you think deserves some appreciation for there hard work. In addition the last day of every month you could win 3 favorites for you 2 for another cardsmith or you can receive a free month membership for you or a friend. I will let you know if I want a new card that day or you can submit an old card. Every night at midnight est usa I will judge.

Come back to this page to get your daily hug challenge.

3-20-18 Today's challenge is..

Post a card that has something to do with sewing or has something with words that has something to do with sewing in its name or flavor.

Can be an old card!


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