Settling an argument.

So I commented on a card about how there was extra "wording" in the ability which I pointed out that could be fixed or taken out. and a user named Lujikul decided to comment in reply to mine about how im not understanding the ability and a bunch of other things that had nothing to do with my comment. posted bellow is My comment and the replies. Please me what you think. Before i forget the Card name is Treeord, King of Nature by, Elderzi

My Comment.
"remove the ( ) and the If / and its perfect"

Lujikul's reply
"Not really. It doesn't have a condition for giving the +1/+1 counters, has off color double strike, and is incredibly powerful, winning the game from the command zone. All you need to do is swing with one elf. After that, you'll rapidly spin out of control. It requires some balancing and most likely an increased cmc as well."

"What are you talking bout? I understand the ability perfectly. Im talking about how the ( ) and the If / doesnt need to be in the ability. It SHOULD go. Eminence- As long as. NOT Eminence - (if/ as long as"

"The second ability gives counters at... some point, I guess, and it doesn't change the fact that the eminence ability is painfully overpowered. You seem to have an issue where you get so hung up on wording and grammar that you tend to miss bigger picture things."

and so on. I posted two comments in response if you want to view the card to check if im lying about what was said.

Tell me what you all think!


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    I found that card.

    It's true that ability word doesn't need (), and "If /" should be removed. But still the card is far from perfect^^; It's incredibly OP, has many wording mistakes and the last ability's wording doesn't work. I think Lujikul knows all issues, and disagreed with your "and it's perfect."

    Eminence cards are difficult to balance because they are like 0 mana indestructible permanent. If I would fix the card..
    Treeord, King of Nature {3}{g}{g}
    Eminence - Whenever a nontoken Elf creature you control attacks, if Treeord, King of Nature is in the command zone or on the battlefield, you may pay {g}. If you do, create a 1/1 green Elf Warrior creature token.

    Vigilance, reach, trample

    Whenever another Elf creature enters the battlefield, you may put a +1/+1 counter on it.
    *Original eminence was very op, so I nerfed it. It still might be op though.
    *I removed double strike because it's not green ability.
    *Only the first keyword is capitalized.
    *It doesn't need period after the last keyword.
    *Cards' subtypes are always capitalized.
    *Original wording doesn't say when elves can get +1/+1 counters, but it seemed very op. Also green usually doesn't interact with your nonbasic lands. So I changed the last ability too.
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    Lujikul is right about balance and the ability

    Although I are right about rewording it
  • Yeah, @Lujikul wasn't disagreeing with your comment about the parenthesis of the Eminence ability. Lujikul was disagreeing on your comment that the design is otherwise perfect. And I agree with him on that. It has severe power level issues, and there are other mechanical and grammatical issues, as @Tomigon discussed.
  • I think you should resolve this between you and Lujikul on the Disqus comments. The forums aren't the platform for this sort of thing. Airing this in public amounts to salt, and no one wants that.
  • @KalamMekhar , I don't know. I think there is some use to this sort of conversation, in terms of how to talk about cards and communicate clearly. Without any salt and bile, of course.
  • I agree with @Platypusburger. This can be used as a learning opportunity for the community in communication. For example, I never really made it clear why I was saying what I was saying in the first place. If I had effectively done that, this whole spiel probably wouldn't have gone this way.
  • I usually just post comments like, "Yooo broooo, love the card, but you forgot a comma after Squirrel. . . should be Squirrel, Greatest Squirrel." or "Yo my dude, I don't understand. So you just win the game?" <--- on a card that's 3 mana and says, "When you cast Win the Game, you win the game."
  • Just cuz I think its perfect doesnt mean others do though thats the thing. I like the card AS IS with the abilities. That doesnt mean though that you have to explain how it isnt when my comment wasnt about anything other than the wording.
  • He didnt he was explaining to the person who made if I recall
  • Sure it was directed at you but I think he was trying to right wrong rather than pick a fihgt
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