Hybrid Mana

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Let's just take the time to ask ourselves what makes a hybrid mana card a good card.

The way i make mine I hope is the correct way to use hybrid mana. I bascily make all ablilites on the card match both the colors on my hybrid mana symbol. So bascily both the colors I use can do it on there own but you only need to have one or the other to pay it.

I only do two because it's simple. I have not yet made a pay ability hybrid card yet. Most likely will in the future.

What do you think makes a good hybrid card?


  • The reason why I like making hybrid mana cards is because it's something my husband @sorinjace has problems with and I wanted to see if I was any good at it.
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    Thanks, @Aryanf, my sweetheart. *sees himself out of this conversation...*
  • LoL!

    The trick of Hybrid mana, which is what makes them fairly narrow in scope and difficult to navigate, is that whatever you put on the card has to be found within each of the colors on their own.

    For example, "double strike" wouldn't be found on a r/g hybrid card because it resides in white and red, but "fight" would be.

    Hopefully that makes sense to you!

  • One way I use to see if the hybrid card is breaking color pie or not is seeing hybrid symbols as though they were normal symbols, and do this for each color. Sorry I'm not good at explaining things.
    For example,
    If you see {1}{w/u} First strike creature,
    {1}{w} First strike - OK
    {1}{u} First strike - Not ok.
    So that card should have {w} in its cost.
    Like that
  • I just like the look of it on a card because I have cards that aren’t gold hat clash with the color much more pleasing to the eye....but yea is depends ability wise...I feel you can use whenever though
  • I'm really picky about what I put hybrid mana on the one time I stepped out of my comfort zone was with Fallen Angel of Innistrad.
  • The general rule to make life easier is to only use hybrid mana in abilities, rather than casting costs,
  • @modnation675
    That does sound more appealing I personally want to make more ablilites to use that like one of my faves extort.
  • You may have just helped make my cards better for saying that lol
  • Here's my more complex example:

    Notice that (when cast from hand) this is a 3/3 flyer and is fine in either black or red. However, the madness cost (also found in both colors) requires that both colors be paid, and, when he's cast from exile, he gets a black "sacrifice" ability.
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