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Spelonia - A World Ruled by Animals

edited April 9 in Custom Card Sets
Spelonia is a world where humans have been extinct for a long time, and animals rule the plane. The first set focuses on these tribes of animals:
Firesun Cats: R/W, Cats that live on the plains,
Marshar Cats: B/G, Cats that live in the marshes,
Bird Legion: W/U, The bird army,
Bear Barbarians: R/G, Bears that are outcasts from society,
Bat Syndicate: B/U, Bats that run criminal operations in the underground,

A card has been provided showcasing each of these tribes special mechanics, and what these cards should look like. For each card, if it is for a Firesun or Marshar cat, it needs to have a Firesun or Marshar Emblem (Just a keyword ability) so that they can be counted as their own tribes and not just Cats. If you are making a cat tribal card, make it say one of the cat tribes and not just "Cats" Also, tribal spells are allowed.

Have fun!
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