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Hello, Twice now I have tried this but I got so busy that I didn't have time to complete it so I'm trying it again.

Some of the themes that I want to include are
-Survival Matters, as this is a set in which everything is very difficult and surviving is what is most important.
-Sacrificing, as the "Antagonists" are people who worship dark gods and they believe the only way to appease them is with sacrifice.

As I stated earlier survival is important so
Survive-When this (Permanent) enters the battlefield/ When you cast this spell if a creature you control took damage this turn (effect)
Scholarly (If you would draw a card except for the first time each turn, if this creature isn't scholarly, you may instead put a +1/+1 counter on this creature and it becomes scholarly.)


There are 2 gods, Othillios, god of destruction and Kourvac, god of death, whose followers and worshipers are trying to summon them to bring about the planes damnation, they are not necessarily on the same side but work towards a common goal. On the other side, old guild leaders of the Selesnya and the Azorious lead groups of survivors of an unknown catastrophe in an attempt to stop the gods worshipers and save the plane, again not on the same team but common goal. Also at some point in time Gideon is forcibly planeswalked to Laryk, the plane where this all goes down. On Laryk he discovers the ability to control small amounts of black mana and more importantly, specifically Black dragons with the help of an elder black dragon he learns to control this power.

Things I still need help with
-More Mechanics
-Archetype Grid
-Anything else that seems off

The Hydra King

P.S. A special thanks to @ningyounk for giving me an idea of how to do all this set building stuff
Also A link. to some things I've already made for this set.


  • Okay, so here's my thoughts on the current state of the set:
    Themes: Seems alright to me. The survival thing can make for some interesting design, though I see it a bit differently than you do, it appears.
    Mechanics: I feel like surivie shouldn't care about a creature's toughness being at 1, but rather a creature taking damage and not dying that turn. The survival theme, in my opinion, should be about braving the elements and harsh conditions of the plane, surviving the many dangers of the world, both natural and human-caused. Attack and Defend feel a bit basic and should probably get replacements in the long run. They're decent placeholders, though.
    Story: Overall, I like the story, though I don't understand how Selesnya and Azorious got to an entirely different plane when they are entire factions of Ravnica. Also, I don't see Gideon as the kind of planeswalker to experiment with black mana. I'd swap him for a different walker, gatewatch or otherwise, but leaves what happens with this walker the same.
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    @Arceus8523 It is a common misconception that the whole guild moved, that is incorrect, only 2 of the old guild leaders moved.

    Also Gideon's exposure to black mana is not by choice but is rather an ability that he posseses and cannot control.
  • @Bobman111
    Ohhh. You do realize Azor lost his planeswalker spark, right?
  • So I created a whole explanation for this
  • @Bobman111
    What is that explanation? I'm not quite sure I see it.
  • After he was banished to the deserted island by Jace, he was discovered by Ugin and Ugin then planeswalked him to Laryk so that he could continue the cycle of order that he creates but was unaware of the problems on Laryk and by the time he discovered this Ugin had already left and thus he was stuck on Laryk.
  • What about the Selesnya guildleader?
  • I'd recommend keeping to non-existing planeswalkers, as it makes it easier to keep continuity when new sets come out.
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    She was a planeswalker who lost her spark in the Catastrophe.
  • @modnation675
    I see what you mean but this could take place at anytime during the main story thing, there's no set time.
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    @modnation675 @Bobman111
    What I have done for my custom sets is cut the lore off at Hour of Devastation. All my sets will use the official lore HOU and prior lore, and will use my own lore after HOU ignoring all official lore in the process.
  • @Arceus8523
    That could work too
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  • The colors for the 4 different factions are


    A mechanic idea

    Scholarly (If you are to draw more than one card per turn if this card is not scholarly you may instead put a +1/+1 counter on this creature and it becomes scholarly.) This would be used kind of like the city's blessing and give an extra effect if they are scholarly. Again this is just an idea and can be subject to change.
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    The scholarly idea is quite cool. May I recommend some minor revisions to the wording though?

    Scholarly (If you would draw a card except for the first time each turn, if this creature isn't scholarly, you may instead put a +1/+1 counter on this creature and it becomes scholarly.)

    I might recommend revamping it to work for any number of creatures with scholarly though. If that isn't too strong!
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    Ok to make this all possible I have decided on this:

    After the events on amonket instead of planeswalking to dominaria Gideon was accidentally sent to laryk where he was discovered by Nya who tended to his wounds and helped him heal. It was at this time that strange things began to happen to Gideon, he began to hear voices and feel strange things. Then during one of Nyas battles against the forces of Kourvac his powers emerged and he summoned hundreds of small black dragons and won the battle. However the powers were incredibly destructive and he was sent to the elder black dragon, Kizzak, where he learned the full extent of his powers.

    So it is basically an alternate timeline.

    What do you think?
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