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Perhaps it was great quantity of beeble guts perpetually splattered on my laboratory goggles that has obscured my vision, but when was the maximum card capacity reduced to 750? There has been no recent announcements made about the change, As I am unable and unwilling to purchase premium membership, I am now concerned about my 'smithing lifespan as Gelectrode. But more importantly, I am distressed about such a massive change (250 cards!) going unmentioned.

*cue banging of gong*

"The end is nigh! We're all gonna-"

Hush, Thibble. It's going to be alright.



  • @Gelectrode - It troubled me as well when I noticed it last time when I didn't have premium. What's even more surprising is that I haven't heard about this change from anyone or from anywhere.

    There has been another change as well regarding the front page. If you have two or more cards with as much favorites as it requires to get to the front page of the popular section, only one of them will be visible. I noticed it when I created my latest double-faced card. Both sides had enough favorites to get there, but only one of them could be seen. And sometimes one, blank spot can be seen at the front page's popular section. Peculiar.
  • 250 cards!?
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    Yeah, this is troubling. Although, the only solution I can think of is having older members keep the old card count.

    Edit: ... or past premium members.

    But that would take some re-working for sure.
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    @shadow123, oops, should have been more clear. For the last 5 years (wow, I feel old!), the 'smithing maximum has been 1000 cards. However, it now appears to be 750, cutting out 250 cards that I could have smithed.

    @TenebrisNemo, I actually appreciate the limiting of multiple favorites on the front page. This prevents artificially-upvoted cards from swarming the site and allows new 'smiths to shine. But every now and then, some users get 2+ of their own cards in the popular section.

    @modnation675, they've used memory-saving systems in the past (like 'purging' old cards), but nothing as radical as this. MTGCardsmith has gotten much more popular recently, so I am curious where our future will go. I'm just bothered @MTGCardsmith hasn't mentioned this yet.
  • Ok, that makes more sense!
  • I was here when the change came, and it surprised me.
  • Honestly, I never noticed it until someone mentioned it. I do know that if you have over the limit, the cards don't disappear.
    This may be a job for Sherlock Gnome! (yes... I just saw the commercial and I feel shame for having used it in this conversation, but it had to be done)
  • @Corwinnn , speak not its name. You might create more sequels.
  • @Platybusburger - Like The Gnomefinity Gauntlet?
  • @TenebrisNemo @Gelectrode
    I believe the front page limitation is actually a negative thing as it discourages more regular card creation.

    At this point, it doesn't affect my regularity (which is scant).
  • @Faiths_Guide - It has its pros and cons, I guess.
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    It threw me for a loop when I returned after a long hiatus, and found that I had -29 card available left to make! Haha I don't mind it cause I guess it gives me reason to go back and delete all those old cards I made that weren't good or had poor formatting issues, but yeah, I couldn't find anything on it, and thankfully none of my cards that were over the limit disappeared.

    It also has sadly ended my aspirations to make a two set story line as I will have to now delete 250 cards to accommodate the second set. But I was probably never going to make it around to the second set anyway, so its not all that upsetting hahaha
  • Account card limits have been adjusted until we can move the 125GB+ of cards stored onto cheaper block (cloud) storage. Doing so will allow us to revisit account limits, but until that time (and the development work to make it happen) this is a way to help ease the resource strain.
    My apologies for the sudden change - before doing so, we took at look at how many members would be directly affected and it was still a very low percentage of active users.

    @Gelectrode, @TenebrisNemo, @Faiths_Guide, @modnation675, @RohanDragoon, @shadow123
  • @mtgcardsmith
    No problem, as long as there isn't a purge of the cards were alright.
  • @mtgcardsmith I really appreciate the transparency here. This is just another reason to love this site <3
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