A Commanding Presence

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Greetings, fellow cardsmiths! This is my first challenge. I wanted to make a challenge to highlight some of the more unusual archetypes of EDH. I love playing a deck that plays around some unusual or underused strategy. Here's a few examples to get you started.

It that consumes: A demonic horror straight from a phyrexian's nightmares. A deck built around it wants to dump as many creatures as possible into the grave to make It That Consumes as big as possible. A good variety of powerful abilities would also help this monster become even more monstrous. Pseudo-Voltron is my best description for its playstyle.

Saevel and Ailin: two characters from my custom set, designed as partner commanders for a sultai enchantment deck. It isn't your typical enchantment build, requiring you to sacrifice your enchantments to use their effects. It also draws on elements from reanimator, mill, and stax. An unusual build to say the least, but an interesting one.

Faas Krux, Death-Arbiter: Another character from my custom set. Faas is an aggro/swarm comander. His effects can grant massive buffs to all your creatures, and he has a sizeable p/t for his mana cost. Cards that would go well in a Faas deck would be effects that grant you additional combat phases, as well as high-power creatures that you can use to simply beat your opponents' faces in.

Following my examples, your entry should have the following:
-Create a legendary creature that has characteristics of some deck archetype (Voltron, Mill, Token Swarm, etc.)
-A brief explanation of how a deck built around that creature would run.
-(optional) other custom cards that support the commander's abilities.
-The deadline for this challenge is tuesday, April 24th at midnight US Central Time. I may end it sooner or later depending on interest.
-Old cards are allowed, but new cards are preferred

Without further ado, let's see what kinds of interesting commanders you can make! Good luck, and have fun!


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    Control/value orientated deck with lots of potential. (Updated the card today!)


    This Commander features a nearly limitless source of card draw at the cost of a major tempo loss. The deck can feature high toughness creatures to block and draw cards, while playing big threats to effectively Griselbrand while blocking.

    Detailed explanation of how the card works!
    1) Damage would be dealt, but isn't yet.
    2) You may look at that many cards from the top of your library.
    2b) If you did, choose damage or card draw.

    Result: If you choose card draw, you get to draw up to that many cards instead of dealing damage. Otherwise, you effectively had the opportunity to look at the top of your library for free.
  • Hope you're a fan of Voltron, because this card literally forces you into it.

  • @Lujikul Voltron happens to be one of my favorite playstyles. I like your commander's ability, it has a lot of flavor to it.
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    For a rampy deck focused on snow:
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    Nomir could be used for a storm-esque deck looking to gain a bunch of life and potentially voltron it's way to victory, a creature-based deck playing an influx of noncreature spells to pump them up, or something else I might not even be thinking of. Either way, you won't regret using this elk to give your typical strategy something new.
  • Alright, we've got some really interesting commanders here. Let's see what else y'all can come up with before next week!
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    A flexible enchantment based creature deck with a lot of possible value. With a description of the abilities below.


    Gwen is a value based commander themed around enchantments. She pumps other creatures to playable stats and (re?)animates noncreature permanents for extra value.

    Our renewed version of our little holiday experiment.
    To wrap a permanent as a creature type, it becomes a creature of that creature type in addition to its other types with base power and toughness each equal to its converted mana cost, except it's no longer an Aura while wrapped.

    The permanent's abilities remain active as normal alongside all other aspects of the card. Unless stated otherwise.

    If a wrapped permanent would become attached, unwrap that permanent.

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    Less broken Esper Leovold.

    I suppose.

  • Just a friendly reminder: The contest ends tomorrow at 11:59 US Central Time!
  • Red matchmaker needs more commanders...

  • Alright everyone, contest ends at midnight tonight! If you have any last-minute entries, post 'em now.
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    Instant and sorcereies anyone?
  • Alright, this contest is now closed! I'll start judging your entries, and will post the results in a couple days.
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